Written by aqualibra

28 Jan 2014

He must have been hunting around on SH as one day he said he’d found my old story, from years ago, that I’d never finished. ‘Why don’t you do another one about us’ he suggested, so here goes.

Do you ever get those posts that just say ‘I’ve seen you’re profile, take a look at mine and let me know what you think’? I always reply, well you never know how it may turn out. So when I got one latish in 2012 I opened his profile. It was the sort that makes me really hope it’s for real. No pics, but just the sort of couple I hope to meet, 50’s and full figured and, though full on fun wasn’t mentioned, it sounded full of promise, What he was after was someone who could accommodate and would massage his wife. Never turn a prospect away so I replied to his message saying that I’d done some erotic massage some years ago, liked it, and would always like more. I sent it off and, as is often (usually) the case, nothing happened. By the time Xmas was past I’d more or less forgotten about it.

It was towards the end of January 2013 another message popped up in the mail box, ‘are you still interested in massaging my wife?’ Well, of course I was. A brief exchange of messages established a few ground rules. She sounded just like my fantasy of the past few years tall (5’9”), full figured (size 18/20) and good breasts (40d). A date was fixed for me to massage her sensually, intimately, all nude but that was all I should expect. He was going to take pics and vids, all ok with me. Right on time the bell rang. Just him there, just checking the lie of the land, and he soon returned with her. A nice big lady, isn’t 5’9” tall when you’re only 5’10 ½” yourself, I was really looking forward to this. She and I settled a bit awkwardly in the sitting room with her still in her coat as he seemed to take ages setting up upstairs. At last he was ready.

The bedroom looked full of tripods. Taking her coat I was delight by shapely legs in black nylons, short skirt and see through blouse over a see through bra – just as he had promised. At last I was allowed to let my hands roam helping her out of her blouse and skirt, and then her bra, my hands enjoy the feel of her breasts, big and full but not dropping, tipped by gorgeous nipples, I had to suck them right then. As she got comfortable on the bed the men both stripped. She lay there face down her feet by the headboard seeming rather passive at this stage. Kneeling beside her I started with her shoulders and worked down her back. The panties were soon gone and my hands roamed over (and between) her buttocks. She seemed more relaxed now so a bit more oil and my fingers found their way deep down and stroked her smooth, slightly puckered bum – met with a soft low moan.

Moving off the bed i stood by her head working again on her shoulders. I must have been doing something right as after a few minutes she raised herself onto her elbows and took hold of my cock which was not many inches from her head. She started to wank me, but not for long as I was soon engulfed in her mouth, lips tongue and hand in unison, things were definitely looking up, It was clear the cameraman thought so too.

Time to do the other side? – yes please! She lay there on her back, her wonderful nakedness spread before me she looked so sexy. Keeping up the pretence of the massage for the time being I revelled in the oily fullness of her breasts, squeezing them hard. But the pull of her hairless pussy lips, now in full view, was too strong, working them first with my fingers and the plunging my head between her thighs. Her lips were full and wet and smelled and tasted wonderful as I sucked and sucked till my mouth was full of wonderful soft flesh.

Wanting to get my tongue deep inside her I moved round between her legs which parted giving a amazing view, outer lips edged brown with her inside lips protruding triumphantly and deliciously pink inside as I parted them and sank my tongue in deep then sucked as much as I could into my mouth – the soft moans proved I was doing something right. This was where things started to move off script as I shuffled towards her and rubbed my cock head between her lips it was soon poised at the entrance to her quim. Nudging forward slightly ‘Is this ok?’ I asked. She looked at him ‘Do you want this?’ – ‘It’s up to you’. I’d got some rubbers, just in case, but all that was forgotten as I went full length inside, her legs parting further and pulling back for greatest penetration. So warm. so wet, my first full fuck for some years (well, at 75 you don’t get that many opportunities).

Positions changed many times over the next hour or so with variations on fucking and sucking until it was time for him to take a closer interest masturbating her first with a courgettes then a quite large cucumber producing a deep noisy orgasm. But he wasn’t finished and started slapping her breasts, first gently and then getting harder, her groans getting louder confirming her pleasure as I too slapped her which got me back to full hardness.

One final fuck then his finale was to cum over her face then, sucking me then wanking vigorously I started to cum over her, but not for long as cock and cum were cobbled eagerly.

Time to call and end, it was nearly midnight. A great evening we agreed but, he said, not to be repeated, but more of that later.