Written by funfun1125

12 Nov 2010

on a night out with my good friend rachel we were in a bar when when got chatting to 2 blokes, we were all getting along really well, as the night went on, i was getting rather friendly with one of the men and we had started kissing and touching each other on the sofa in the bar, rachel was with the other man, at the end of the night it was time to go so rachel suggested they come back with us to her house, in the taxi we were all chatting i was getting fingered by the bloke i had been with all night and he could feel how wet i was, we all fell out of the taxi at hers and before i knew it we were all in her lounge, i was sitting in the chair with the bloke i had been with and rachel was rolling around on the sofa with hers, having already had several lesbian encounters with rachel on my own, i wasn't shy in front of her snd she wasn't with me, before i knew it i was stripped to my underwear sitting on his lap kissing and touching him passionately, i could feel his big hard cock through his trousers bursting to get out, i slid down onto my knees and unzipped his fly his cock practically flew out, it was already leaking cum, i slid it in to my mouth and started sucking on it hard, i could hear rachel moaning and glanced over to see her getting finger fucked on the sofa while she was frantically wanking his cock off, i was sucking so hard on cock and knew it wouldn't be long before i got a mouth full. i could feel his cock getting harder and harder and before i knew it i was wanking his loads over my tits. he pulled me up on the sofa and fingered me while i watched rachel get pounded hard and got even more turned on listening to her moan, i watched as her pussy got filled with cum and just imagined it dripping back out of her.

Shortly after i got up to go to the kitchen for a drink, i was standing in the kitchen facing the side when i heard the door i looked up to see the bloke who had been fucking rachel standing there he poured himself a drink and came over to me, we were chatting for a while before i realised he was stroking my arm, suddenly he pulled me towards him and started kissing me, i was shocked but found myself kissing him back, i could once again hear rachel moaning so i knew full well what was going on in the lounge, id never been with 2 men so close together before so i thought what the hell, he reached round and undid my bra and i stepped out of my rather wet thong, i was now standing naked in my friends kitchen he turned me around and i could feel the head of his cock pressing against my ass, i felt the head of his cock slip up my pussy for a while before i pulled it out and dropped to my knees, i was so turned on sucking his cock knowing it had been both up rachel and myself, i sucked him hard before he started to cum so i wanked him all over my tits too, he pulled me up and pushed my up against the side from behind and fingered me and rubbed my clit until i felt the waves of pleasure pulsate out, i walked over to the door just in time to see rachel taking another load of cum from my original bloke, we had both had both of them and whether that was their original plan or not to have us both, we all seemed to enjoy ourselves, i really enjoyed my nights out with rachel!!