Written by Sexy C

27 Feb 2007

I has always wanted to see my wife Carla fuck with my best mate, Andy. When I had approched her about it, her reaction had been that if it felt right who knows. I had told him this, but his clumsy attempts at seducing her just seemed to annoy her.

This chaged the night we were invited to a house party at a mutual friends. I had to work late and so Carla didn't have to miss out it was decided that she would go with Andy and I would join then after work. I arrived about 11.30pm and the party was in full swing. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and they all seemed very drunk. After 10 minutes searching I found Andy semi comatose on a sofe and asked wher Carla was. Eventually he told me that the last time he'd seen her she was going up stairs. I made my way upstairs and after searching a couple of rooms I walked into a bedroom and there was Carla.

She was stark naked and her legs were splayed wide open and a tall dark haired man was fucking her for all he was worth. I stood there transfixed and watched as his cock pistoned in and out of my wifes cunt. She was groaning in plesure as he rammed his dick into her as deep as he could and pumped his spunk into Carlas sopping wet hole. He kissed her pulled his now flaccid dick out of her and made his way past me saying "your turn?".

I looked at Carla as she panted and recovered and noticed for the first time a naked man boozily snoozing at the side of her. His limp dick was very impressive and I knew he'd fucked her to. I could't help wondering what it had looked like when he fucked her with it. I moved over to her and for the first time she noticed me. She was full of apologies and said she'd only done it because she didn't want to be called a prick teaser. She promised that she would do anything to make it up to me and as I looked at her with that just shagged look I couldn't be angry with her. She got dressed, although she couldn't find her panties and We picked up Andy and made our way back to our house.

On the way I told Andy what she'd been up to and It suprised me when he turned to her and said "don't think you not getting my dick up you as well you tart". I expected her to scold him but she just smiled at his determined attitude. Back at ours she sat on the sofa between Andy and myself and Andy questioned her "Did you fuck them both at once" She addmited she had and I mentioned that we couldn't find her knickers. "Prove it" he said dry mouthed. I pushed her short skirt up and showed him her naked pussy. He Lent forward and inserted a finger in her "Dirty slags fuckin red hot" he said. He then stood in front of her and Took his cock out of his jeans "suck it Carla , Suck my dick" He Said. She glanced at me and I nodded. She took his knob in her mouth and started to lap at his knob end she then licked up and down his shaft before taking his cock as far down her throat as she could. It was so erotic seeing my best mates dick in the mouth of the woman I love. "I'm going to come!!" he shouted and she took his cock from her lips and finished him off with a few quick strokes. He shot his spunk into her face and I watched as his cum dripped of her chin onto her silky blouse. "I'm going for a shower now she said "and you two dirty bastards are going to wash me".

Our hands explored every inch of her as we showered her and later I got my wish as she impaled herself on Andys Cock and rode him till he filled her Pussy again. The next day after Andy had left I was asking her about the two men who had fucked her at the party, and she said what a great fucking they had given her. "I've got their number" she said "so if you want we can invite them for dinner and you can all make a meal of me"