Written by Charlie

31 Jul 2008

I told you before how my wife Jane had started her own version of parties for sex toys and clothes, she was just about to go on a stag party with 30 guys booked, a coach collected her and Frank, (one of our friends who was there to keep an eye on her and record some of her antics) on Friday afternoon, they traveled up to South Yorkshire where the best man to be had rented a very large house for the weekend, en route Jane had been given instructions that no one was to touch her until that evening and after the meal, she was to run through her regular party demo, she had said that this pissed her off slightly as she was already wet and wanted some cock, she was also told that she was not to get fucked by anyone else, so that ruled out a quickie with Frank.

On arrival, she was sent to her room to prepare, then asked what she wanted to eat as her food would go to her room also.

She bathed and got herself ready, ate a very nice 4 course dinner and waited to be summoned.

Her room was huge and had a super kingsized four poster bed, which she made the most of whilst it was empty, then she was called downstairs.

The house had a very large games room with chairs all around, only now did sh get a good look at her audience, she was shocked and surprised that whilst she had expected a group of 20-30 somethings, the eldest was about 70 but the youngest looked around 14.

she spoke to the best man who assured her that everyone was over 16 and he had id\'s to prove it, as well as the groom and his brother and cousins, his father and grandfather were there, also some other older relatives as well as mates from work and the cricket club.

She started as normal, showing off the clothes, playing musical rabbits and onto musical cocks,

Frank was filming and taking photos but was told he could not join in, the evening was going pretty much as her regular parties went, just with more cocks to play with

as she went round giving the guys blowjobs, she was impressed with the stamina of the old boys but found the young lads very nervous and the minute she took them to mouth they would shoot their loads.

as her audience warmed up, they would come up behind her and slip their unprotected cocks in her very wet cunt, the groom went first, then the best man, it all seemed very organised, though she was quite disappointed that the groom didn\'t have much to offer, but the best man certainly lived up to his name, a good 10incher and to quote Jane \"as fat as fuck\" his cock made her eyes water, but there were quite a few decent size tools around.

All the guys had been given a large supply of viagra to ensure that she was well and truly fucked, in fact they wanted her to have the fucking of her life.

one by one they all fucked her, bent over a chair, missionary, on the table, each one trying to fuck her harder than the last, by midnight she was covered in cum, so much was running out of her cunt it looked like she was pissing herself, Frank said that she was now requiring help walking, then they started to abuse her arse, the best man took a load of cum off her legs and pushed three fingers straighht up her arse, then ordered her to hold her cheeks apart

It\'s a wonder no one heard her scream two miles away as he pushed his thick member straight in all the way, he then withdrew an holding her hips tightly, rammed it home again, telling her what a filthy dirty fucking fat whore she was.

He then fucked her hard, she was like a rag doll, having to be supported by a couple of guys, tears streamed down her face as this guy brutalised her arse.

Finally, he gave three hard sharp thusts as he emptied his balls into her once more, as he withdrew. cum ran out of her now gaping hole, she was now sobbing , he told her to turn round and clean his cock, but she was so weak that she couldn\'t do it unaided, for this delay he slapped her face with his semi rigid weapon, ,then grabbed her by her hair and shoved it into her mouth.

after this she was sent to her room with the young boys and told to spend the night teaching them how to fuck.

By nine in the morning the boys had finished with her, they had fucked each and every hole and were now lasting much longer, breakfast was sent to her room and she quickly wolfed it down before crashing out, the guys had gone off quad biking and paintballing so she had a few hours to herself, but Saturday afternoon when they returned, she was ordered to wear just a pair of heels and go down to the dining room, when she arrived, she had to lay on the table and was bound hand and foot spreadeagled, the dinner was laid around her and she was the centrepiece

when the guys came in, the groom and best man sat looking up her still gaping cunt and started throwing items of food at it, occassionally someone would finger her , but their main amusement was smearing food over her naked body.

after dinner they untied her and took her to the bedroom, where she was tied to the foot of the bed, there were no games tonight, the old guys started by taking their belts to her backside, soon it was bright red, then they would fuck her cunt and arse, but by now she was beginning to lose all sensation in both, a cane was brought out and her red bum was soon covered in deep welts, her back was given the strap also, then as both cunt and arse were so slack they started to fist both, it hadn\'t taken long to get her crying, but she was soon turned over and had her large tits slapped strapped, caned and bitten, Frank was getting worried about her, but was told to sit down and keep his gob shut, he was still filming and her body was being covered in bruises, welts and bites, some of the welts were bleeding slightly, one old boy gave her cunt three strokes of the cane.

as they got into the early hours of Sunday morning the guys gradually went off to bed, the groom and best man slept with Jane waking her up as soon as they were hard and ensuring that her cunt was kept full of fertile juices.

by Sunday Lunch a car pulled up to take her and Frank home, she was given a Gucci handbag and helped into the car, she slept all the way, upon arrival at home I had to help Frank and the driver get her out and upstairs onto the bed,

She looked very pale and her face was bruised and swollen, her hair was thickly matted with cum, but the driver handed me a note from the groom saying that as he had brought her home, he could spend the night with her, I wanted to say no, but he said that he would just give her a fuck and get on his way, she just lay motionless as this scruffy guy shoved his cock into her mouth, then up her cunt, banging away at a near lifeless body, she just gazed up at the ceiling, finally he shot his load pulled out, wiped his messy cock on her lips and went out.

she lay with her legs wide apart, battered and bruised, her cunt was so stretched that I could almost fit both hands in, she told me later that the guys had and her arse was also gaping wide after much fisting.

the video albeit only short snippetts shows her being violently abused and yet when she watched it back, she said that it realy turned her on to be treated like that.

It was a week before I got to fuck her, & then she insisted that Frank come round for a day as he missed out on the weekend.

though she has had second thoughts about going with so many and wants to keep numbers down to single figures.

As for the handbag, there was a very nice cash bonus in it.

Thanks for the nice replies last time

we are sorry but she does not want to do one on one parties, it is the group aspect that she likes

also we have been inundated with requests locally for parties and these will keep her busy for some time.

We had thought of posting some of the photos, but have decided against firstly because even if we mask others faces, their bodies can often be recognised and some of the images do show extreme sexual violence and we don\'t wish to offend anyone, or spoil future events