Written by small cock

24 Mar 2008

my wife and i had been out to our local and she had,had way to much to drink which i loved cause it made her dirtier in bed(if she didnt pass out).she woz dying for a piss on the way home so i pulled over at a public loo,parked up and tried the womens but it woz locked.the mens door woz open,the lock had been smashed so i went in first making sure it woz empty so she could dash in.whilst she was pissing i noticed the place woz filthy , graffiti covered the walls,piss on the floor etc.opening her cubicle floor i woz greeted by the sight of her skirt hitched up,panties pulled down and her wet bale cunt wide open. She asked wud i wipe it for her as there woz no loo roll.i bent down and started to lick her slowly tasting her piss and juices.i undone my jeans to realease my cock and told her to face the toilet and bend over so i cud fuck her rite here.. My cock slid up her wet cunt as i built up my rythm.i had that feelin that sumone was watching and i turned to see 3 teenager hoodies watching.\"oh shit\"i said pulling out my cock shrinking..they laughed and i thought we were about to be mugged.she turned as they told her to stay in that position 2 of them held my arms saying my cock was so small and she should take a real cock up her.so there she was bent over the loo,her skirt over her back,legs wide open and her very wet pussy on show for these 3 lads to do with what they wanted.i cudnt move as the 1st one roughly inserted 2 fingers in her and pumped her a few times then held them up to my mouth and said lick them clean which i did.they all smirked as my cock started to harden again.he then undone his jeans and said he woz now gonna fuck her hard like the slut she was.unbelievaly she said yes please and helped guide him in.she moaned loudly as he slammed into her and the 2 holdin me let go and started wankin ready 4 their turn.the one fuckin her grunted as he cum up her and pulled out.they turned her round and she allowed them to strip her naked ripping her clothes off like animals.she woz pushed onto the the poilet seat so she cud start sucking the lads cocks.i woz so hard as they called her a whore as she licked their bell ends and let them face fuck her.one of them cane a thick heavy wam over her nose and mouth.he wiped the rest in her hair.the other decidd he wanted to cum in her so they pushed to the floor and parted her legs. Her cunt woz now soaked and leakin cum.he fucked her slowly lettin her cumwhilst the others were roughly playin wiv her tits.he he came up her loudlyand said now she,s been fucked properly and they dressed and left.she got up her legs shaking from bein fucked and we had to leave her underwear and skirt jhere as it had been ripped when she had been undressed and i drove her home half naked.i woz only allowed to lick her clean at home as she now calls me her wimp!!