Written by Joko

16 Mar 2018

Anne and I recently visited a city a couple of hours away for a few days as we both had time off work. We booked into a nice hotel, with the main intention of visiting a sex club I had researched online. It sounded quite interesting, with accounts of gang bangs and even some BDSM. On the night, I suggested that we go in separately to see what happened. I went in first and paid my entry fee. About 10 mins later,as I sat at the bar with a beer, in she walks. It was still early but there were around a half dozen other guys in and they all noticed her entry.She didn't look at me as she ordered a large vodka and coke then went to sit alone at a table. She wasn't alone for long,soon joined by two of the guys present. I couldn't hear what they were saying but it wasn't long before they all finished their drinks and left the room together. Now as I previously posted we have had a number of gang bangs and what I have noticed is that when guys are aware that we are an item, they tend to take it a bit more slowly, although once things get going they lose any inhibitions and just fuck the arse off her. This however was different. These guys clearly thought she was there alone and was fair game. I sat wondering where they'd gone,not being familiar with the place when about ten minutes after they left, another two guys left the room. I drained my beer and followed them. They were just climbing the stairs and heard me following. They stopped and asked if I was looking for the 'entertainment' to which I replied very much so. I asked if she was a regular to which they replied that they had never seen her before. They remarked that she was no spring chicken but still seemed well fit and easy. She is now almost 48 but has not changed much since we first started getting her fucked a couple of years back. I asked if the place was always so quiet and they said that it usually gets busier around 9pm and on a Monday it was mainly guys,either gay or bi. We continued along the corridor and came to a room with a viewing window which let you see what was going on inside. The guys explained that there were shutters inside which you could use for privacy but they hadn't bothered. They'd wasted no time,she was already stripped down to stockings and sussies being spitroasted. The two guys I was with noticed the riding crop and belt marks on her big swinging tits and on her arse,commenting that it looked like she was not against a bit of pain. If only they knew. At that point they entered the room pulling off their trousers and boxers, stroking impressive enough hard cocks to full glory. One of them was a little shorter than the other but a lot thicker and as the guy in her mouth gave her the first mouthful of the evening he quickly took his place,pumping his fat cock into her mouth. His pal took the place of the other guy once he'd pulled out and shot spunk all up her back. I still stood outside watching and wanking. not wishing to go in in case she accidentally gave the game away. I heard a noise to my right and the two guys we'd left in the bar came round the top of the stairs,accompanied by three newcomers. As they got to the window and looked in to see being fucked, one said,"Oh fuck it,this looks like it's going to be a good night. She looks like she will take anything that's offered to her" This was so sexy to listen to, a total stranger talking about my wife in such terms. Once the two guys had spunked into her mouth and over her arse,there was a short huddle between the four of them as Anne lay on her back catching her breath. They then pulled her to her feet and came out of the room, leading her downstairs still only in stockings and sussies and followed by me and the other four guys. They led her through the bar, now populated by a couple of couples and another half a dozen guys. As we passed through I overheard one of the women present say to her partner that she knew where she was being taken to. Noticing the marks on her tits and arse, she said"By the looks of things,it will not be a completely new experience for her" She was right. At the bottom of the stairs they turned right and entered another room. When we followed it turned out to be a fully fitted dungeon. There were ropes and pulleys, handcuffs and various whips,cat of nine tails and even riding crops. She was taken to the centre,blindfolded then her hands were secured to a rope which raised them above her head so she could still stand but was totally vulnerable.Without going into too much detail she was thoroughly whipped and cropped on both her lovely big tits then her arse for around 10 mins. By this time everyone was totally erect and straining to use her so she was lowered and led over to a waist height bench, arms spreadeagled and cuffed to rings at either side. A procession of guys then proceeded to violate her mouth,cunt and arse, whatever they preferred. I wanked myself off three times just watching these strangers use and abuse my wife,completely unaware that she was my wife. Eventually around 1.00am we left. I went first and about 10 mins later she staggered out looking a little sore but happy. When we got back to the hotel we discussed the night. I asked what we could do to top this and she surprised me by saying that she had read somewhere that some European countries still had laws that allowed bestiality. I said I didn't know any and would she really like to do that. She said that she'd like to give it a try and could we check on the Internet if indeed there are countries in Europe with more liberal laws. Not checked it yet but if anyone is aware of any,even outside Europe would like to know. To be honest not sure how I feel about it but in fairness she does anything I ask of her, so if that is what she really wants it does not seem fair to deny her. Will see what our research brings up or whether any readers can suggest venues.