Written by James6brown

15 Jan 2008

I would like to introduce myself,, I am Mike a forty five year old straight male married to a superb lady,,, named Jill who is ten years my senior and very sexy. Until recently I thought I was quite experienced in the sex department?/ how wrong can one be.

I have read many stories on here and one does wonder about how true some of these stories are. But I suppose that how wee see life// that is until something happens to you,, and especially something that you never knew went on. I work as a foreman in an industrial laundry we have two shifts ,, 6am until 2pm and 2pm until 10 pm ,,, which is the shift that I am in charge of. There are ten of us in all myself and a young seventeen year old youth and eight women aged between thirty and fifty five. On this particular day we were a little quite and although we would finish early we had stay to clock off at 10pm.

During the shift I overheard the women talking about how they were going to give someone a surprise. So I thought I let Leo go away early would and told him he could go at 9 o’clock when work was done and I would clock him out later at ten. So we finished up and he made himself scarce very quickly unknown to the women. So we all sat down and had a drink when Mary the eldest woman said were is Leo. Ho I let him go early. Well that’s nice what about us going early as well. I cant let you go you will all have to stay until 10 o’clock.

Then they all started to whisper among themselves,, then ,Mary said you told him what we were up to didn’t you. Then they all started to whisper again ,, then they got up and walked toward me giggling. Well mike you got it wrong that was not our plan at all,, What’s going on I asked.. Wouldn’t you like to know they laughed then in seconds they were stripping me. I have never felt anything so erotic in all my life/// I was stark naked then they picked me up when Mary said right put him in the stain bath.

We have a bath which is almost like an ordinary bath which is used for removing marks heavily stained items. They put the plug in then the one of them climbed in and sat on my legs,, while another held my arms over the end of the bath. What going on I protested// you are going to have a bath they replied. Next minuet hands were on my face and my face and keeping my mouth open wide.

Then Mary stood with one leg over the bath and to my horror began to pee it was aimed straight at my mouth which was being held open. In seconds my moth was full and I had no alternative but to swallow her piss.

Once I had swallowed it all she repeated it and filled my mouth again// I had to give up my pretence of struggling. While this was going one of them shouted look the dirty bastard is enjoying it,,, his cock is rock hard. They were right I had a massive hard on. The girls said right give him something to get hard about and at that moment they all pissed on me/// and I was greedily trying to drink down what ever piss I could. God knows how much piss a drank and I was covered in it. All the time this was going on the girls were drinking water so as they could continue to piss on me.

They even turned me over and stuck a funnel up my arse and pissed into it and I could feel swilling around inside my arse hole and I was enjoying every second of it. I must admit I have never felt so turned on in all my life and Mary finished me off by climbing into the bath and lowered her fat juice pussy onto my cock and rode me like a woman possessed until I felt my balls ached and I shot my creamy spunk deep inside her womb. When they let me up they gave me back my clothes and would not let me get washed so I had to go home smelling of their piss.

As I walked in my wife Jill said Christ what’s that smell I had no alternate but to tell what had happened. She asked me if they had forced themselves on me ,, no I replied I let them do it and really it and I loved the taste of their sweet pee. ho my god you mean that you liked drinking their pee yes I’m sorry darling but yes it tasted wonderful. Jill came over to me and pushed me down on to the sofa/// well seeing as you like the taste so much open your fucking mouth while you taste mine. I did as I was told then she lifted her skirt pulled her panties to one side and squirted loads of piss into my mouth. I dutifully swallowed as much as I could while the rest ran down over my chin and down my chest.

Reflecting the next day on my experience I thought I it could weird but I am now so hooked on the taste of her gorgeous liquid that Jill and I often take each others golden piss while fucking. We have drunk lots of each others golden liquid and it turns us on so much we will fuck for hours. And until that day at work I never knew that such a thing went on// I have asked the girls at work for a repeat but so far no luck. At least I have to thank them for opening my mind to water sports// I only wished it had happened years ago.