Written by jc

14 Jan 2009

before we start, let me just describe my wife (Jill). very petite with large f cup breasts, normally very reserved and shy aged 41.

one one or two occasions i had told my wife of my fantasy of watching her being fucked by one or more men with large cocks whilst i watch.

i always told her this during foreplay, she always got embarrassed but i always noticed how more aroused and wet she got.

anyway i had booked a weekend away to Amsterdam.

the night before we were due to fly, i asked Jill if i could trim her pussy as it had not been trimmed for about six months and was very hairy.

she frowned but agreed.

i did a lovely job of it if i do say so myself,getting the pussy lips smooth but leaving a nice triangle of hair above.

when we arrived at the 5 star hotel in Amsterdam we were shown to our room by a young man who i noticed could not take his eye's off jill's arse and fantastic tits.

when he left i teased my wife about this but she told me to shut up.

we got ready and went out to hit the town for the evening.

we went to a few bars and i had persuaded Jill to have a drink (she was normally tea total).

after wandering around for an hour we stumbled into the red light district !

Jill accused me of doing it on purpose, so i asked if she wanted to go, no Jill replied now we are hear lets see what all the fuss is about.

we came to a girl in the first window, she had dark hair very pretty wearing sexy underwear. Jill stared at her for a moment turned to me and said she is beautiful why doe's she do it.

for the money i replied, i went on to tell Jill if she did it there would be a Que a mile outside.

Jill said, who would pay to fuck me, are you joking, with your figure and them tits we could be very wealthy, and reminded her of the young man back at the hotel.

Jill turned and said she wanted to go back to the room.

when we arrived back at the room, Jill stripped of and lay on the bed, it did not take me long to strip off a join her.

as we lay there i started to stroke her smooth pussy lips, occassionally letting a finger slip up her. she started to get more and more excited but every time i new she was close to coming i would stop.

i want you to fuck me now she screamed.

i had never seen or heard jill this excited before, but i had not finished with the teasing yet.

i stroked her close to climax five times but stopped every time, she screamed at me again you cunt, bastard, twat stop that and fuck me now.

i then held open her pussy wide with my fingers and asked would you just love the young lad from the hotel to walk in now with his big cock and ram it into you.

she looked at me with fire in her eye's and shouted call him up then and get him to fuck me hard now.

i could not believe that she was agreeing to it, i rang reception and asked for a sandwich asap.

whilst we were waiting i sucked her now massive rock hard nipples, she loves that.

there was a knock on the door, Jill said let him in quick, i went on to tell Jill that we did not want to shock him, and explaned it would be better if she lay there pretending to be asleep, she agreed.

i opened the door, and to my surprise not only was the young man we knew standing there but another lad with him.

fuck it i thought and instructed them to put the sandwiches onto to table far side of the room.

they did so, but as they turned, both of them froze and starred at Jill lying naked on the bed.

i put my finger to my mouth to tell them not to say anything.

i did not want Jill to know that there was two of them.

i lay down by the side of her, reached between her legs and started to slowly rub her clit, Jill soon began to get excited.

the lads were still standing at to bottom of the bed looking at Jill then each other

not sure what to do.

i did not speak, but motioned the lads to strip off, the lads were naked in seconds, standing there both with massive cocks, Jill was in for the fuck of her life.

Jill was still lying there pretending to be asleep.

i grabbed both her legs and opened them as wide as they would go, juices were now running out of her pussy into the crack of her arse.

Jill still did not know there were two lads waiting to fuck her.

i put my face next to jill's and whispered in her ear that the young lad was about to lick her fanny, and not to open her eye's, she gave a little sigh.

i motioned one of the lads to start licking her.

the lad she knew got between her legs opened her pussy lips with his fingers and started to lick her.

the second his tongue touched the magic spot Jill began to buck about climaxing onto his tongue, but still keeping her eye's closed as if she was dreaming.

i then whispered into her ear that he was now going to fuck her.

Jill again gasped and sighed, i motioned the other lad to get between her legs and slowly enter her, i wanted to video this without her knowing.

as i started to video the lad put his cock at the entrance of her pussy, he pushed the head of his massive cock in, her pussy was stretched to its limits.

Jill gasped loudly, to which the lad stopped, everything seemed to stop for a moment.

the lad pushed another inch into her, then another until he was completely in.

he went on to pound at he for 3o minute until he come inside her.

all the time Jill kept her eye's closed.

when the lads left, i told Jill that there were two lads, but she only beleived me after watching the video.

what a lucky man i am.