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Start of the End

"End of 1st wife part 1"

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Author's Notes

"All true , names changed"

This was the start of the end of my first marriage.

We both had been swingers in the UK. Once we'd moved abroad it stopped. We hadn't learnt the language, the ex pat community was small , little older than us and I feel we had changed as a couple.

As swingers we had set rules . We would do it together either same place or close by never alone .

Neither of us would done anything with a new partner that we didn't do as a couple .

I'm not gonna bore you with what was and wasn't allowed we will come to that.

After moving abroad I continued working in construction for myself , my ex wife looking after rental properties/ cleaning for others .

This gave her money and those staying looking to buy , could help with work for me on the property.

She looked after a few properties and this takes place in one of those .

The property in question was owned by a very wealthy couple who had houses in UK, France, Holland and India !!

The French House was in the same village as we lived , 3 storey. Double garage , roof top pool, very private courtyard and up to 6 bedrooms .

She'd had 2 couples arrive on a Friday in summer , very expensive rental for just 2 couples . Met them on arrival both young mid 20,s and seemed nice .

Saturday morning about 11am there's a problem so ex wife says she will walk up sort it out . I've no work and off she goes at just before midday . Time passes and it's nearly 2pm she's not back .

Phone rings can you come up with a few tools .

Anyway off I walk up through town , its a blocked sink with coffee grinds ... not really my problem and not really her there for 2 hours . Only both guys , no sign of the ladies

Sink plunged off we both go, few drink in the bar on the walk back and life's good .

Once home she's eager to have a dip in the pool and once naked ( we have two pools , ours at the front and a small private one at the rear of the house very private for our gite )

Once out lay on a towel, I'm milling around doing stuff . We had been having quite a dry spell of late , I noticed her puffy pussy but thought nothing of it . Once finished skimming the pool , I step over her to finish , she tugs at my shorts .

" cmon babe let's fuck , kids are out "

She's grabbing at my cock for the first time in ages .

In no time at all we are both naked she's sucking my cock . I move to 69 position , oddly she seems retisisent .

I'm going down on her reguardless, as I start licking at her pussy it dawns on me , swollen pussy lips, slight salty smell and taste of cum and over 2 hrs at a blocked sink.!!

I'm not a detective but I think maybe she's had some cock earlier today. After some good oral fun I have her face down ass up , ploughing her swollen pussy and fingerings her lose ass hole- I think maybe she's had her holes used by 2 young studs .

Anyway she's clearly broken cardinal rules we had previously. I'm not a prude and had she been honest I'd been a bit happier .

I enjoyed the sex in the sun and fucked her good and hard .... later that evening a blow job too.

Following morning woken with a blow job, more sex again . To be honest it had re ignited our sex life .

Around midday on Sunday "Babe there's an issue with the house , I won't be long"

She off up the road to the house , I'm following behind at a distance . At the door one of the guys opens and she goes inside as he grabs her ass checks .

It quite clear what needs fixing . We have keys for all the properties, never use them if clients are in , unless we know they are out .

So I can't peer through closed shutters , I open the door with spare key . To the right is dinning room leading to the kitchen and garage / roof top pool ? As I walk through no sight of anyone until I enter the roof pool and I can see in the courtyard my exwife ... enjoying the sun on her naked body with her enthusiasticly enjoying a spitroast !! I thought let's get this moment to savor . I just stood phone out capturing .

So I decided to just go back down to the courtyard through the lounge doors .

Both boys look up a bit shocked and surprised

" oh please don't stop on my behalf with my slut of a wife "

"Take your time boys with her , she will fuck all day long with anybody but me"

My wife didn't even pause just carried on sucking cock and pushing back on the other guy!

I'm getting really quite hard even though I'm pissed off

So walk over to watch the scene

"Hi babe you enjoying your self "

There's no condoms,hence the cum tasting pussy yesterday , wine glasses and cellophane wrap .

I just sat back and watched the show with cock in hand .

It's not long before the boys are cumming , so she takes a pussy full of cum , and the guy unloads into my ex wife's mouth . This is the moment life changed . We had rules of which she'd broken with fucking behind my back and in nearly 20+ years she has never swallowed! Until now .... she smiled at me mouth full licking cum from her fingers , little powder on her nose !!

The young boys aren't even soft . Just sat drinking looking very happy

My ex wife gets up and comes to stroke my cock , cum leaking from her pussy, belly of cum smiling like the cat that got the cream .

" Babe did you enjoy the show , wanna cum in my mouth " as the wipes the cum leaking from her swollen pussy and sucks from her fingers

" wanna use my pussy or ass babe , or you boys want more "

" Thank you for the show , I'd rather watch and masterbate "

Go on boys do your worst with the slut .

A quick drink and the boys are swopping places . I'm not sure on who's who and jealous I can't ever reload that fast , the joys of youth .

This time tho , it's clear she's gonna take a load in the ass , credit to her she's never had problems with the ass fucking only cum swallowing till this weekend .

These boys can fuck and she loving it , huge saggy tits swinging around and her very plump ass shaking from the pounding she getting.

I'm quire happy watching them take advantage of a mature slutt with no morals .

In no time at all they are both reaching the point of no return , my hungry little slut is pushing back make sure her ass is filled with cock... he's grabbing her hips and pushing hard into her as the other guy fills her mouth full . Two more loads in her already full belly .

" Oh shit the girls are back soon , you both need to leave "

Hurriedly I pull my shorts up ,my slutty wife shorts on and t shirt

We exit the place

On the way home she telling me how sorry she was and she wanted to tell me . The first day she'd gone for a problem true. They were young and fit , she was horny as we were on a dry spell . Next thing she's naked , wine , cellophane wrap and they are fucking her , she took them in every hole and told them she doesn't swallow! Jack held her head till she swallowed the lot and Russ threw the condom off before she knew it .

Excuses done , I asked if she felt abused or taken advantage of "No I felt horny and I do now , wanna go home and take advantage of me "

In minutes we are home , I'm semi hard she's a godess on her knees sucking for all her worth , I'm soon hard . Massaging my balls and working her fingers up to my asshole .

" If you carry on you will get a mouth full babe"

She looks up " do you wanna cum.... I will swallow it all "

"Lets 69 babe so your getting a reward too, I know you full of cum but it's never bothered me "

Lay on my back her mouth on my cock, fingerings my arse .... her swollen lips and ass smelling of sex . I have mouth and tongue on both holes she moaning , sucking harder. It's like years ago , the olny difference is she's taking everything and not spitting .

I'm unloading all I have deep into her mouth, the relief of empty balls , the taste of her and the feeling of her orgasm on my mouth .

I just lay happy, spent and feeling great . She's kissing me and saying "let's fuck up stairs babe "

" I can't reload that quick babe "

" I know hun but we still have the strap ons "

We're upstairs now I'm getting stuff out , it's been a while .

She's stood in front of me now , dressed like a young wife . She's put on hold up stockings, latex gloves ,long boots with high heels even tied her hair in ponytails too , it's middle of summer on a Sunday afternoon!

I've got strapon ready and I'm gonna slip it on. She lift her left leg and steps in , then her right leg next .

I slide the harness up to her ample butt , I tighten the straps around her waist , then the straps cupping her ass cheeks .She takes the tub of lube and applies loads to the dildo " bend over babe spread your cheeks and let's fuck "

It's been a while and I may have been fucked well before . She knows this as she lubes the puckered hole , slips a finger in and wiggles it round, I'm moaning having my prostate massaged . Then another finger slipped in , I can feel my cock getting hard now . I'm getting those old feelings of a full ass ( still masterbate with a butt plug )

After all the teasing of fingers , finally I feel the tip of her cock at the entrance to my ass.

She pushes steady into my ass , I can feel the feeling and the longing to feel filled , the pressure on my prostate is intense.

I'm good and she's rocking back and forth hold my hips taking long strokes making me feel every inch .

Slowly she ramps up the pace , thrusting into my welcome ass , I'm stroking my cock faster and faster till she pulls out .

" lie on your back now , pull your legs up I wanna see you face as I fuck your ass "

She's a pro and pushes easily into my longing hole , I'm grabbing my cock and stroking it looking straight into her eyes , slowly wanking as I don't want the feeling to end but She can see I'm getting close , pre cum glistening "Go on babe cum for me , empty your balls cum in your hand "

I can't stop it the feeling is incredible as I start to cum she pushes deep into my ass as I cum in my hand , all hot , there's loads .

I now have a cum filled hand and an ass filled with cock and a smiling ex wife . She leans forward to taste the cum from my hand , licks at it " mmmmmm yummy , taste it yourself babe , did you enjoy that "

I get up all fucked out and feeling very happy with my life. We both lay back my ex wife said " Did you enjoy that babe , having your ass fucked ? " Did you enjoy watching me from the roof pool was the performance making you horny ? "

" Are you gonna use the phone footage of me with the boy for yourself ? Or maybe as blackmail ? "

Maybe Part II next

Written by Devdomguy69

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