Written by Funcouple69uk

29 Feb 2012

We had been to Studland Beach a few times before But this was one of those really balmy hot summer days when you just knew it could be too warm and we might not spend more than a few hours sun bathing.

We parked our motorhome on the ferry road and walked across to the heathland to the beach. It was dry and hot like a dessert.

As soon as we got there we stripped off. Lesley is a beautifully slim 5' 8” blonde with really firm pert breasts , thrusting nipples and a shaven tight pussy. As usual there were lots of other couples and a few single men dotted around the beach.

After lying in the sun for a while I sat up to read a running magazine . A slim young man had laid down in front of us and positioned himself so he could look up from his magazine and get a good view of Lesley's pussy.

I leaned over to Lesley and asked if I could rub some sun lotion on her. While I was doing her back I whispered that a young man was viewing her pussy. With that she spread her legs a little wider.

I caught him squirming a little out of the corner of my eye.

Anyway she rolled over for me to do her front. As being etiquette on a crowded naturist beach I let her rub it into her breasts herself. He squirmed even more pushing his crotch firmly into the sand.

Anyway she lay on her back and deliberately spread her legs in his direction. I was getting a hard on at that point so I rolled over on my stomach and asked Lesley to do my back for She bent over in front of this poor lad and he must had a good look at her now moist swollen pussy lips. She is 'THE' exhibitionist.

The young lad visibly shuddered and must have cum into his towel. It was too much for him. I whispered what had happened to Lesley. She was obviously taking pity on him.

We carried on sun bathing and I started reading my running magazine again.

A shadow appeared across the page and I looked up and it was the young lad. He said ' Runners are you. I do a bit as well'

At this point his willy , which was pretty big considering it was flaccid started dripping globules of pre-cum onto the sand in front of us.

I glanced across at Lesley and I got those eyes that say. 'Mmm why not?'

' We've got a motorhome on the ferry road , Do you fancy a cold drink and a bit of shade?'

We got back to the motorhome and closed the blinds. Lesley's breathing was fast and short. I could tell she was as randy as hell,. She only had a muslin dress on and we could both see her hard nipples and lithe body through it. Almost instantly we both had tents in our shorts and simultaneous hard ons.

My names Jim I said. He said mine's Dave

' You first' I said. 'I like sloppy seconds.'

We all stripped off and he started sucking her breasts and licking her wet pussy. She turned around and gave me an impish grin and wrapped her lips around his knob and sucked for England. I leaned over and finger fucked her by now well soppy pussy . She came up for air and bent over and he pushed his now huge erection into her thrusting to the hilt. She looked up and beckoned me .

I put my throbbing erection her mouth while she was being shagged. She squeezed my balls at the same time . I was determined not to cum as I wanted my sloppy seconds. I could see Dave was building up to cuming. After what seemed an eternity he did so and as he slipped out we turned her around. Lesley's pussy was a lovely sight. Tight pussy lips with Dave's cum and her juices slowly oozing out.

I took my knob and slowly rubbed it up and down her slit and all over her engorged clitoris and kept rubbing until she shuddered and came screaming 'Oh God' Oh God'

I took this prompt to thrust into her sodden well lubricated pussy. I could see the cum and juices oozing out. It was like a well oiled piston except was throbbing .

Lesley took Dave's now soft penis into her mouth and breathed life back into it. By the time I had filled her with my cum he was ready to shag again.

When he had finished thrusting our mingled juices were dripping from her love hole.

Dave said would you mind? Ive always wanted to lick a woman clean. Can I?

I said ' If she can take it she must be a bit sore by now?'

He licked like it was the nectar of the Gods. I could see was roused again and as he finished licking our juices up she shuddered and came again.

We had a cold drink then and pondered about going back to the beach?