Written by slutty

7 Jan 2008

Hi all, thought Id fill you in on a little memory from my holiday last summer. Me and afew of my girlfriends went off to the culural rsort of Kavos for some fun in the sun.

We were all out one night (well every night). Anyway, being in a group of lasses we were getting a lot of attention, and with our new tans and skimpy clothes we were loving it.

After a few drinks we got chatting to the lads who seemed nice enough and as the night went on we started to pair off. I ended up with a cute looking lad and was keen to get him back to my room. However, we had stayed out longer than the rest and all the rooms were taken.

Annoyed and horny we did what everyone else does, we went to the beach. We were past the foreplay stage having been rubbing each other in various bars all night so we quickly stripped off next to a sun lounger.

He laid on his back with his cock pointing to the sky and I stradlled him. I was soaking wet and he just went straight in. Being so worked up I didn\'t last long and soon I was screaming out across the beach.

Having cum I felt my energy drain and he decided to go on top, doing me in a reverse missionary. I was just warming to my second orgasm when I notcied a man was stood in front of us. I looked up and he just smiled. It was adrk but he looked like a local to me, and a happy one at that.

The lad fucking me tried to tell this local to fuck off, but he didn\'t move at all. It was getting a bit tense and I wasn\'t sure what was going to happen when suddenly the local took his cock out right next to my face and started laughing.

This was too much for the lad who was fucking me, he started shouting at me and this local like it was all planned. With a big grunt he came and he had his trousers up and was off before he\'d even emptied his load.

I was laughing too now and the local moved forward. I knew what he wanted so thought - what the hell. I took his cock and started sucking. He was pretty excited and in no time he came in my mouth. When he was cleaned up he just got up and walked away. I never did even hear him speak.