Written by claz

24 Jan 2014

Sweet pussies.

I woke up and the sun was beaming through the window, today was the perfect day for some summer fun.

Both child and care free I was in the mood for some fun with my husband, and just thinking about it made my nipples hard and I couldn't help but feel the wet between my legs from my burning pussy.

"Kev, wake up the sun's shining", greeted by a grunt I knew I had to try harder so rasped in you ear "beaver wants to play". That got your attention and you moved to spoon me your cock to attention "no babe, not yet, we're going out, you need to get dressed".

I dressed to impress for a hot summer day in a flimsy dress, bra less for effect. Jumping in the car I was ready to tease you and as soon as I was in the car I lifted my skirt to reveal a sheer crutch less pair of knickers, and parted my legs to reveal a smooth, bald pussy. "Holy shit" you said, "just drive babe, today I am taking you to paradise - I am not giving much away but park up in The Country Park, and a little something to get you going" ...... With a groan I moved my hand between my legs and rubbed my clit vigorously, cumming in minutes. Then I ordered you to unzip your flies and violating all rules of safe driving I bent down over the gearstick and gave you head as you took the country roads. We were too close for you to shoot your load but it certainly got you in the mood, as your balls throbbed and your head oozed with pre cum.

We pulled up and got the rug and cool box out of the boot and found a secluded spot. I sat cross legged on the rug with my dress hitched up to be sure to give any passers by a sweet treat. I could tell you liked it as your cock protruded through your shorts. "Babe, they look tight, best you take them off " I said with a cheeky wink. Off they came in seconds.

Then I heard the footsteps behind me and knew it was time to drop the bombshell, "today we play, but not alone, meet my friend jane, she is playing too". Jane was every mans idea of a hot fuck, attractive with a curvaceous figure, and tits that put mine to shame the hot pants and halter she had on left nothing to the imagination, she had slutted up big time, but of course on my advice. You had nowhere to hide with your shorts off, and even though you looked at me like I had gone mad, I could tell from your cock you hoped I was being deadly serious.

I made the necessary introductions, and picked up the camera, telling you to get acquainted. Jane never needed much encouraging and already she has cupped your balls and stroked your cock. I snapped away happily, dripping between my legs, watching you so turned on.

Out of her bag she whipped out a blindfold and 2 pairs of cuffs and stood over you in her PVC commanding you to "lay still". She put the blindfold on you and cuffed your two wrists to the fencing behind you. Bound and helpless not knowing what to expect, I felt powerful, and once again snapped away. I set up the tripod and set the camera to video..... Not being able to see a thing I knew you wouldn't want to miss it.

Suddenly you felt a mouth around your cock, but not my familiar mouth, a new cave for your cock to explore, and you loved it. I kissed you hard, and reassured you it was ok to be excited by the experience. Your cock pulsed with the rhythm jane set and your leg juddered in time. Jane told you to be quiet or someone could hear, you didn't listen so she told me to shut you up. I didn't need telling twice, so as jane gobbled your dick I sat on your face to silence you. Your tongue explored and you could taste my cum from the play in the car.

"Claire" jane purred "I think he is close" so we swapped places. You could hear the sound of PVC being pulled away from skin and you didn't know what was happening, but could have sworn you heard kissing and the familiar sound of my wet pussy being fingered. "Claire, jane, is that you?" No response just the sound of wetness. Oh fuck you thought, just what are they doing?"

Your thoughts were interrupted as a new pussy sat on your face, and my familiar pussy eased down on your cock. You could tell me and jane were facing each other, and opened your ears for signs of what was happening that you just couldn't see. You still believed you could hear us kissing and the movements made you realise we were fondling each other's tits. I leant over as I rode you and stroked your face, moving my hand towards janes gash - you just couldn't believe I was riding you and playing with a pussy. Jane pushed down on your tongue and my fingers and was wild now, it got me going as your cock was just loving it. I rode you hard and your felt the grip of my beaver as I cum in deep spasms, at the same time as jane, a squirter, cum over your mouth. We both knew you were close but both wanted to reap our reward so told you to hold fire.

We both shifted our position and knelt either side of you next to your crutch. You felt two different female hands touch your balls and two mouths taking it in turn to suck your dick, stopping to kiss every once in a while. It was wild and you told us you were ready for slut appreciation. We both leant close and guided your cock in to each of our faces as it shot thick spunk at us in copious amount. We each moved our face to the tripod and camera for a close up of your cum dripping down our faces and chins, as we licked it from each others lips, a treat you would see later.

Jane uncuffed you and removed the blindfold and you caught a glimpse of the wonder of her hot pant less body before she redressed, and couldn't believe your eyes. You already felt lucky having me, but this was the icing on the cake. We lay for a while soaking up the sun but however much you begged we'd give nothing away about what went on your couldn't see, telling you to wait until later. As the sun went down we went our separate ways and you could not wait to get home to watch the vid.

Plugging the camera in, whilst I went up for a bath, cock in hand, the initial scenes were me and jane flashing our tits and pussy to the camera as we stroked and caressed each other, and then you witnessed the kissing you'd heard. What you had thought was me being fingered was actually jane kneeling down using her tongue to work my pussy and squeezing my ass cheeks and that was enough for you to explode with a jolt, the best bit is you knew there was so much more to come, available forever with the click of a button on the PC.