Written by blondekitten

25 Feb 2014

I lay in a tangle with john for a few minutes revelling in post fuck daze but I was far from satisfied, I got up and strolled out of my bedroom, my legs were a tad shaky and I needed some air...I went out onto the balcony for a cigarette where I found my other two new friends. As I was completely naked their attention was immediately back on me, john came out to join us and I enjoyed a quick drink and a cigarette and I noticed that Max had recovered nicely, he came up behind me as I was hanging over the balcony and began feeling my large 38 gg tits and flicking my nipples making me quiver in anticipation. He then moved one of his hands down to my pussy that was still dripping and oozing john's delicious deposit for earlier and I gave off an audible gasp as he stuck 2 fingers into me, he worked on me for no more than a minute, my legs were shaking, I was riding on the wave of another orgasm, I held on to the railing to steady myself as I bucked back on his fingers. I turned my head grabbing the side of his neck and slowly licked up his neck and whispered in his ear and begged him to stick his cock inside me, he quickly removed his fingers, needing no more encouragement and pushed my head down with one hand grabbing me around the waist with the other one, his sticky fingers on side as he thrust into me from behind.

I couldn't keep quiet, I was in cock heaven, feeling his large cock inside me, although my pussy was loose from my earlier activities he still felt huge inside me and I pushed myself back in time with him as he pulled me onto his cock, he was groaning leaning over licking and kissing the back of my neck which absolutely drives me wild, I was building to another orgasm and I was making a lot of noise, I couldn't keep quiet I asked john to come over and let me suck his cock back to life because I was worried about attracting the neighbouring room's attention.

Max turned me around a little so I could access johns cock. He quickly pulled my head onto his cock and I tried to get a good rhythm going although it was tricky being spit roasted, one large cock thrusting into my from behind and john fucking my mouth, I could taste my own pussy on his cock from earlier and I tasted delicious...

Max shouted he was cumming, I felt his hot hard cock pulse and shoot his creamy sperm inside my pussy. He held onto my hips and steadied me as he shook and slowly slipped out of me. I had to sit down my legs were shaking and john pushed me onto a patio chair and grabbed my head pushing his cock even further into my mouth, luckily I have had lots of practice and can easily accommodate his cock, taking him deep into my mouth, deep throating him and cupping his balls as I worked on his cock. I looked up and Dave had finally seen sense and had released his own cock from his trousers and was standing wanking to the left of me on the balcony as I felt john tense up and shoot his cum straight down my throat, I swallowed the lot, not wasting a drop and licked my lips as he withdrew and licked his cock clean... Dave was ready to cum from the sexy scene he had just observed and groaned as he came all over the side of my face and in my hair...what a disappointment! He looked rather sheepish and apologised profusely. I told him not to worry about it and asked him to pour me another drink.