Written by derbyshiremalc

31 Oct 2007

We had travelled down to Birmingham for an Awards Dinner. The evening had gone well – it was interesting enough and with sharing a Table with a few other guests that we didn’t know, gave Maria the opportunity to flirt a little. Well flirt a lot really. By the end of the night she was in an extremely sexy mood and our talking had developed into discussing fantasies.

We’d both had a fair bit to drink and were both tipsy without being drunk. Maria was wearing a figure hugging black dress with no underwear. It stretched beautifully over the contours of her body and accentuated her tits and arse perfectly. I didn’t waste any opportunity to stroke her arse during our limited dancing but couldn’t wait to get her back to the bedroom.

We considered having a drink in the Hotel bar but it was empty and decided to go up in the lift to the room and start to enjoy each other’s bodies as soon as possible. Once in the room, I pulled her dress down over her tits and up over her arse so that she was effectively wearing a black band across her middle. As I pushed her onto the bed, I threw my jacket over a chair and buried my face in her cunt, licking hard at her already wet pussy. My hands reached up and grabbed at her tits, massaging them roughly – I knew she enjoyed this.

“All I need right now is a big juicy cock fucking my mouth” she moaned. Just at that moment the Fire Alarm sounded and continued. We knew it wasn’t a drill and that we’d have to get out of the room sharpish. Maria adjusted her dress and slipped her shoes back on, I went as I was – shirt and trousers. “It could have been a lot worse you know?” I said to her. “What do you mean” Maria replied looking at me oddly. “Well I could have your cum all over my face if we’d carried on a little longer”. We both laughed.

We waited outside with the rest of the Hotel guests for about forty minutes. Then we finally had the signal to return to our Rooms, most people shivering slightly after spending time in the night air with little clothing on to protect them. Maria’s nipples were hard and showing proudly through her dress. As we approached the Hotel entrance, my eye was drawn to the Security Staff who were scanning the Hotel Guests. Seezing the moment I grabbed our key and made sure the Room Number was visible. Maria’s eyes were also drawn to them – mainly because they were both black. She grabbed my arm tightly and smiled wickedly at me as we approached them.

“For one moment I thought you were going to ask for our Room Keys?” I spoke directly to the first security guard, waving our Room Number in front of his eyes. “In fact I think my girlfriend was rather hoping you’d be frisking her!” I laughed. The guard was a little slow to catch on but then he realized that our Room Number was clearly on view. “Half an hour?” I whispered as I looked at him. He just smiled and nodded and looked over at his fellow security officer. As we walked on through towards the lift I looked back and saw them exchanging a few words and looking in our direction. I knew they were discussing my discreet proposal.

The Lift swiftly took us back to the Room and once inside I poured Maria another drink. “Here get that inside you and let’s get back to what we were up to before we were rudely interrupted” I told her. Maria didn’t need any further encouragement. She pulled her dress down over her tits and up from the hem so that it formed a belt around her waist once again. She then poured the contents of her drink over her cunt – “Get licking boy” she instructed me.

I removed my pants and shirt and began to lap up the alcohol and her juices greedily.

“We should have invited the security guards up to join in the fun” she remarked.

“Would you like that you little slut?” I replied. “Yes I’d love it” Maria continued. “I’d like to take both of their big juicy black cocks down my throat and have them fuck me in my arse and my cunt”. Just then, there was a knock at the door and a voice called quietly “Room Service”.

“Oh! What have you ordered you crafty sod?” Maria asked innocently. “You go, I’m only half dressed” I told her.

Maria had obviously had enough to drink as she wandered over to the door without adjusting her dress. Her tits were on view and her dress was still resting around her waist. Although covering her cunt, it didn’t leave much to the imagination. As she opened the door she let out a quiet yelp of surprise and then began to walk backwards into the room. She was quickly followed by both security guards, the first of which looked over at me, winked and then said “we’ve got orders to search all the rooms for anyone who shouldn’t be here. According to our Register, this Room is supposed to be occupied by just one person, but your boyfriend says you’re here together. What are we going to do?”.

Maria looked over at me, in a slightly panicked state. “I’m sure we can reach an understanding” I said, looking at his name-tag then adding “Marcus. Why don’t you let Maria fix you both a drink – make yourself comfortable”. I padded the bed and gestured for them both to sit down on the end of the bed. I walked over and sat in the chair to the side of them, so that my view was side on. “Maria, get our guests a drink and make them feel at home”. Maria walked to the bar and poured two whisky’s, then walked back and handed them to the black men in front of her, both of whom had removed their jackets and were sat in tracksuits bottoms and t-shirts.

As she leant forward, Marcus reached out a hand and began to stroke her left breast. His colleague – Darren, repeated the action with Maria’s right breast. She took their cue and dropped to her knees and, looking up at them she asked “is there anything else I can do for you?”. At the same time both her hands began to stroke their cocks through their pants and within no time, both men had visibly large erections. Maria wasted no time at all and in second had Darren’s cock out and in her mouth sucking noisily before switching over to Marcus whose equally impressive cock had also been released. “How does that feel boys? Would you like me to suck your big black cocks deep down my throat?” Maria asked and then proceeded to swallow all of Darren’s cock before he could reply, simoultaneously wanking Marcus cock at the same time.

Marcus reached behind Maria and his long fingers began to stroke her cunt. It wasn’t long before he had three of them buried deep inside her. Maria moaned loudly and sucked harder on Darren’s cock, her head bobbing furiously up and down. Darren placed his hand on top of Maria’s head and encouraged her to gobble his cock harder. Marcus now positioned himself behind Maria and gently pulled her legs apart. He was now stood completely naked and his enormous cock – at least 10” long, was ready to begin fucking Maria’s cunt. He began slowly and gradually eased his cock in and out, then pushed hard until almost the entire length disappeared. Maria let out a low squeal of pleasure. “Oh my God that feels fantastic – fuck me, fuck me!”

As Marcus began to thrust in and out of Maria’s cunt, Darren was moaning with delight and tensing up. Suddenly his cum erupted down Maria’s throat and although she tried to swallow it all, his white love juice dribbled from her chin and onto her tits. She gulped and swallowed as much as she could, moaning with great satisfaction. “Let me kneel on the bed before my legs give way” she instructed Marcus. Soon she was on all fours with Marcus knelt behind her pushing his huge cock deep into her. It wasn’t long before Maria was cumming all over his cock. As she did, this seemed to trigger a reaction in Marcus too and he tensed up before letting out a loud “Aaaarrrghh!”, his cum filling her pussy. “Climb on the bed and lie on your back – I want to lick all the cum off you cock” she told Marcus, who duly obliged.

As she did this, Darren moved behind Maria. She was now knelt over Marcus cock, licking all the mixed cum juices and savouring every drop. Darren placed two fingers into her cunt and brought out a mixture of Maria & Marcus cum. He proceeded to massage this into her arse and then in a moment, his fingers were deep inside her hole. Maria moaned again and began to suck slowly on Marcus cock. Darren added another finger and began to really work Maria’s hole in preparation for his own cock. He lubed his huge black shaft with more of Maria’s cum and then eased it into her arse. Again, Maria squealed with delight as Darren began to slowly fuck her hole.

Marcus was now fully erect again and Maria slowly crawled up the bed until she was positioned above his cock. He expertly guided himself into her wet cunt as Darren held his cock in position. Finally they were both in and Maria was experiencing her first ever all-black DP. “Oh my God this is fucking fantastic. I can feel you both deep inside me – fill me with your cum you bastards” as she screamed at them, I could hold back no longer and positioned myself at the head of the bed in front of her offering my rock-hard cock to be sucked. I grabbed her hair and forced it down her throat and in seconds she was gobbling for all she was worth, taking my cock deeper with every thrust.

The three of us managed to maintain a good rythym for a while and then the sight of Maria getting fucked by two black guys with huge cocks just overwhelmed me and I began to fill her mouth with my hot cum. She swallowed it all moaning with pleasure as she did. Marcus and Darren was now ready to fill her other holes with Darren the first to cum. “Do you want my hot love juice filling up your ass bitch?” he demanded of Maria. “Yes, fill me with your cum” she replied. This was a signal for Marcus too as he told Maria “I’m coming too baby”. Maria let out a low moan as both men pumped their hot spunk into her.

When they had drained every drop, she rolled off onto the bed and onto her back. Darren pushed her legs up with her knees bent so that both her holes were exposed. The sight of their cum slowly oozing out was something else. “Eat that cum you little slut – don’t waste a drop” Marcus commanded her. Maria duly reached down with her right hand and pushed three fingers deep into her cunt. She brought them out and took them straight to her mouth, licking each fingers in turn as she swallowed the cum. Darren, pushed two fingers into her arse and brought out a large amount of his spunk, pushing his fingers straight into her mouth. Both Marcus and Darren proceeded to empty Maria’s cunt and arse of any remaining spunk for the next 5 minutes in this way, Maria lapping up every drop she could.

When they had finished they both quickly dressed. “Well we got to get back to work bitch. But not before you give our cocks one last suck” Marcus was now fully dressed but pulled his cock out once more and offered it to Maria’s waiting mouth. Darren did the same and for a few moments, Maria was enjoying two black cocks in her mouth at the same time. “We’ll be back in the morning to fuck you some more – we’re gonna make you beg for our black cocks and maybe if you’re lucky, we might just bring a couple more friends to enjoy your milky white ass”. Darren and Marcus left with Maria looking completely satisfied, a wicked smile on her face – covered in cum stains. You look ed at me – “Well, was I a good little cum slut then?”

We left early in the morning so there was no repeat visit by our new friends. However, I did get Marcus Mobile number. But that’s another story…..