Written by Trainer

28 Apr 2011

Jeremy was very fidgity as he sat and watched Hannah and Melonie put on a show, Hannah led and brought her off about four times quite quickly. I told Hannah to get up and go to him, he was sat in his pants and she sat on his lap and put her arms around him and kissed him making sure he could taste his wife on her lips as they kissed. I moved to Melonie and dropped my clothes and fed my cock in to her mouth. I fingered her as she sucked me, then I moved around and fed my cock into her she came again and yelled out, I looked over at him, he was trying to get up but Hannah held him down and moved his cock out of his pants and then she started riding him. We changed round Melonie was now bouncing up and down on me she was calling out, screaming and shouting as she came and came, I filled her with jets of cum and she collapsed on top of me. I looked over at him and he looked devastated, but she had a smile from ear to ear. Hannah finally brought him off, but his look didn't really change. I told him to come over and lick his wife's pussy, Hannah moved, he didn't, Melonie looked disappointed, so I shouted an order to him he slowly rose Hannah pulled him across as he reached Melonie, she pulled him down and shoved his head between her legs, slowly he began to lick her, Hannah and I kissed as we watched them, it looked like it was the first time he'd ever licked her, soon she was cumming again, I moved closer to them and let her suck my cock again she held his head down there, this time I was going to last longer I pulled her up and whispered in her ear an instruction, she told him to lie on his back, she dropped down onto his face. I went round behind her and parted her ass cheeks and pushed my penis into her bum, Hannah dropped down and sucked his cock. After me and him had come again, Melonie went down on Hannah and brought her off, after which we all sat down and had a drink, Jeremy was very quiet, Melonie was high on her sex and wanted to know when or whether I could come back, I asked him if he wanted me back, he didn't answer, but Melonie invited me back.

Hannah and I never repeated the action, she bumped into Melonie out one night, with another guy, she told Hannah, Jeremy was devastated that she had fucked another guy and he lost the dom hold over her that he had, so she left him for another guy, slightly younger. Hannah then got posted to another garrison and never saw Jeremy again.