Written by davecharles

14 Mar 2016

See The Massage 5 for my first mm session with Richard.....

Richard came over for a bite to eat and drinks and, we all knew, a bit more. Sarah was excited. She had always fancied Richard and now was going to get him and to score a few firsts hopefully, with two cocks up her at the same time - every girl’s fantasy? Well one of hers anyway. She knew Richard and I had indulged together and we had had an excellent fuck on me telling her the details. Two lovely hard cocks in me at once, she said, from my two favourite men. Well, there are three ways of doing that and I want to try all three, she said.

She was wearing high heels, a short skirt, no knickers and a tight, semi see-through blouse. You could see the shape of her breasts and her nipples poked out. She was a wet dream on legs. She had to slap my hands away several times before Richard arrived. You’ve got two of us to service tonight, she said. Be patient even if it’s hard....

Yes, it was hard, very hard.....

Anyway, he eventually arrived and gave Sarah a big hug and kiss, with one hand on her ass, having a good feel. They clearly both enjoyed that but she told him to wait, laughing that she had had to say the same to me....

We enjoyed the meal and a bit of wine, chatting over news and non sex things. But afterwards we started to chat about our sex experiences. Richard told us how he and Judy had got into swinging and some of the fun things they had tried. We went over our three sessions together and what we had enjoyed most about them.

Sarah was sitting on the settee with Richard; I was on the chair opposite. I could see up her skirt to her, as usual shaven, but now also very wet looking pussy slit. Her blouse was slightly open and her nipples were sticking out. Richard was tactfully not staring at her boobs but clearly had a good view. His trousers looked to be bulging a bit and mine felt tight too. All this sex talk and the gorgeous views of Sarah’s prime and very tasty assets were having their effect.

Richard’s trousers look a bit uncomfortable, Sarah, I said. You are giving the poor chap a hard on and it seems only fair you do something about it.

What me, giving you hard on, Richard, she asked innocently, but leaning forward so he got an even better look down the front of her blouse and even less innocently putting her hand on his bulging crotch. Oh yes, it does seem hard. Perhaps we had better let it out.

She slid his zip down and his cock sprang out, already hard and getting harder by the millisecond. Nice she said, grabbing hold of it and putting it in her mouth. Mmmmm was all she then said – ladies don’t talk with their mouths full....

Richard put his hand on one of her lovely tits and caressed her nipple. I came across and unbuttoning her blouse, took the other tit out and started sucking her nipple. She loves her nipples being played with. Oh yes, she said round his cock. Oh yes.

I want to see you suck him, she said to me, offering me Richard’s cock. I sucked him up and down a few times then openly licked him so she could see my tongue on him. She joined me in licking him. Then I pushed her legs open, exposing her bare pussy to Richard and me. I started licking her out. Oh you are wet you randy slut, I said. You want a good fucking. OK yes, she said and I hope you guys are going to fill me up every way possible, she said. And soon....she added.

Richard nudged me to one side and took my place, his tongue swirling inside her cunt. I did the honours with our clothes, taking off Sarah’s blouse, unhooking her skirt, not that it was doing much now. My own were off quickly so I was the first naked, my erection evident to all. Richard wriggled out of his clothes with my help a bit, all without much interruption of his work on her pussy. I went back to sucking Sarah’s tit, whilst sliding one hand onto Richards cock and wanking him gently.

Sarah was clearly building up to her first come of the evening with Richard’s tongue working her well. She groaned, arched back, her tits sticking out, beautiful in her ecstasy. Yes, yes, fuck me somebody she cried. Yes, fuck her Richard, I said. His cock was ready and went straight into her, bareback, hard and fast, up to the hilt in one stab. Oh God, Oh God he said and came in her after a few thrusts. She was still high and his orgasm gave her another of her own. When they had finished, I pushed him from her and got into her pussy with my tongue, drinking his spunk and her love juice mixed up together as it all poured out of her cunt. Lovely taste. Erotic.

Richard quickly recovered enough to start sucking my cock whilst I was sucking on Sarah’s cunt. I was high too and when he slipped a wet finger laden with Sarah’s and his juice up my ass, all my pent up lust from the evening’s build up burst out and I came explosively into his mouth.

First come all round. Well, Sarah had had two but who minded?

We fell back to the bedroom for more. Sarah sat on the bed whilst we stood in front of her, and she sucked and wanked both of us up whilst we played with a beautiful B cup tit each.

I lay on the bed and she went on all fours, sucking me and caressing my nipples, which she knows is a big turn on for me. Richard got behind her and slid into her to give her first mfm mouth and cunt filled spit roast. Richard started finger fucking her ass too. Lube me up and fuck my ass too, she told him. He grabbed the tube of lube, and started to lube her ass well, slipping two then three fingers up her. Then he took his cock out, let me sit up and suck it briefly then place it against her asshole. He pushed into her, and she took him right up to the hilt, then went back to sucking my cock more. Second spit roast – ass and mouth this time.

I untangled myself from Sarah, stood up carefully and gave Richard my cock to suck. I took some lube and reached round to finger fuck his ass. Do you want it up you too? I asked.

Oh yes, he said, fuck me. Have my ass while I have Sarah’s.

Both Sarah and Richard watched me in the big bedroom mirror while I went behind him. I showed them my erect cock, now lubed up too, then slid it up his ass to make him the middle of the sandwich. I kept largely still and let Richard fuck Sarah and himself on me. Going forward, he fucked her ass, then coming out of her he fucked his ass on my hard cock. I gave a little nudge each time to fully bury my cock in him and Sarah likewise made sure she took every inch of him up her ass. Very economical....

Richard was clearly enjoying the double fuck. God that’s nice he kept saying. Beautiful ass sucking my cock and a hard cock fucking my ass. He started moaning and going faster and deeper – giving Sarah his whole length and taking me repeatedly up to the hilt in him. I could feel my feelings building from my cock in him. Your ass is sucking me off man, I said. Fuck me you two, cried Sarah - fuck him into me Andy. Give me your cock through his ass.

Then Richard thrust in deep into Sarah’s ass, stayed there clearly cumming and saying Oh yes, yes. His asshole contracted round my cock – too much for me and I gasped and spurted into his ass, shoving my prick right up him as hard as I could while my cock throbbed and emptied my balls into him. God I can feel you spunking into me said Richard. I can feel your hot cum flooding my ass.

Sarah was in her own world too for a bit, then smiled at us both half collapsed on top of her and said, Fuck that was hot – you two guys fucking and cumming at the same time. Really erotic. Bags me in the middle next time. ....I want to feel both of your cock spurting in me.

Richard stood up and I slipped out of him. Richard said then you can have two lots of spunk pouring out of you like this, and he turned showing Saran and me his ass – still open from my cock and my spunk dripping out down his ass and leg. Yummy said Sarah and knelt down to lick my cum off him and to tongue his ass clean whilst I did the same to her. Mmmm, Richard’s cum was tasty too.

So when are you two boys going to be ready for thirds? Sometime next week we agreed, completely exhausted!