Written by john42

4 Mar 2015

S and I have an open relationship ,both having extras when we choose. S had been dating a chap who had to move away so ending their popping round to each others house for a session. After a while T asked S for some photos to ease the empty nights (and wank to no doubt)

On a warm sunny day I suggested that S put on a bikini and we would get some shots for T. She was off like a shot and soon arrived n the conservatory in 2 piece and a white tie under the boob top. At this point I must say S is well stacked 34DD on a small body big nipples and the rest nicely curvy.

posing started with some fairly tame shots but with little coaxing the top was off and her lovely tits were spilling out of their cups. I had by now started a commentary on what T would say and do when he got the pics ,S reacted and was soon tugging at her nipples and pushing her tits together whilst looking right at the camera with a "fuck me" look on her face.

"You will have to make do with this" I said as my 8" cock was pulled free of my shorts with my free hand.

"You can always try this" a voice said,It was our young neighbor R looking over the fence! (he was normally out at work during the day) "I enjoyed the show but now need to put this to use" he said stepping though the ajoining gate . This was a solid purple headed cock that put even mine to shame! having listened in he knew what we were up to and proceeded to cross the lawn where S knelt transfixed by the cock now at head height to her,reaching out her tiny hand could barely hold it ,both hands could though and soon she was licking and sucking at this fresh cock that appeared!

R seemed to take over and pulled her up and into the conservatory,he stripped off laid back on the settee and held his super cock ready for S to lower herself onto,something she wasted no time in doing. I stood in front of them transfixed as her lightly haired cunt swallowed up inch after inch of her new stud . It was not long before she went into meltdown ,slamming up and down on him ,tits slapping and bouncing, sweat glistening and a steady stream of cunt juiced ripping out onto the only bit of cock not buried in her.

I dropped to my knees to be closer to the action, soon my face was inches away from that fat young cock covered in S s cum .She reached down and pulled my unresisting head into the mess and my tongue was in contact with both cunt and virile cock.

It could nt last for long and soon I felt pulses of cum being pumped into S. As their rutting eased I ended up with both of their sticky goo on my face,S standing over me rubbing her gaping lips into my mouth whilst R moved round and slapped his softening cock into the sticky mess.

As you can guess R s days off work became an eagerly awaited event with me getting an even more active role in the action.