Written by godownonu2

4 Jan 2012

When I was 18 after finishing my A levels in July I had to wait until September to start university. I'd made up my mind to travel for the summer but having little cash I got creative. Through an acquaintance I found a couple who were sailing to the med and needed extra crew on their 44 foot yacht. Thus I met Frank and Ann at their sailing club for an interview.

The skipper Frank was 53, thick set Yorkshireman. His wife Ann was only 40, attractive, a petite 5'2”, slimish build but with a bit of padding. They'd wanted two guys but Frank said none of the other applicants had the right attitude, but I looked pretty lean and fit.

I told him I'd had a few years sailing dinghies and wanted to gain experience on something bigger. He told me he'd see how we got on between here and Gibraltar; if I was any good I could join them in the med for the summer; if I gave him any lip or was a crap sailor he'd have me off at the first port. As I was leaving he said “Play your cards right and we'll give you an experience with something bigger, an experience you'll never forget.” Frank by name, frank by nature I thought but something about the way he said that last remark made me uneasy.

The yacht was a Roberts 44, ketch rigged with a centre cockpit. Frank and Ann had the main cabin in the stern. I had a cabin in the forepeak. It had a V berth, with the head just aft and a locker to one side giving us all plenty of privacy. Aft of my cabin was the main salon with a table that converted to a double berth and a single sofa like sea berth opposite. The galley was in the passage leading to the main cabin.

Lisbon was our first port of call. I didn't see much of Ann, she got sea sick and kept to their cabin. I had a touch of le mal de mer too on the first day out, but staying out in the cockpit, avoiding food and a few good chucks over the side and I was right. Frank showed me how to sail his way and having a willing attitude we soon got on well enough for him to leave me alone on watch.

Ann got her sea legs shortly before Lisbon. We had dinner by the waterfront gettin to know each other better. Frank was in the demolition business, mostly derelict industrial sites that were ripe for redevelopment. Ann was his third wife. She was an office worker from Manchester and they had met three years ago. She struck me as a touchy-feely type, putting her hand on mine when making a point, or a hand on my arm or shoulder as we walked or talked. I didn't read anything into it at the time, being somewhat ignorant of girls having been to an all boys school.

We sailed out of Lisbon early in the morning two days later. Around midday I was on watch, Frank was below calculating our position having taken a noon site. No GPS in those days. Ann came on deck and sat up on the windward side. “Be a dear and rub some suntan lotion on my back.” She asked.

I engaged the windvane to steer (no auto pilot either in those days) and took the bottle, rubbing it all over her back and sides. She held her long, jet black hair to one side as I did her neck. “Mmm, massage it in.” She cooed and I did so, she saying how nice it felt. She then stood. “Do my legs too.” I gave her a quizzical look, wondering if this was quite proper. “I can't see the back of them. I don't miss a bit with this sun.” She added by way of explanation.

Fair enough I though. The sun was very hot, I was beginning to burn myself and said so. I slapped lots on my hand then slowly rubbed it along the back of her left leg, starting just above her knee. Her skin felt so soft and her bum looked sexy, right near my face. “Don't be bashful, do it all the way up to my bikini, between my legs too.” She turned to look at me, smiling enigmatically at my now blushing countenance. “I don't want to get burnt there.” She giggled, spreading her legs a little wider.

Frank had told me to keep her happy or he'd be given grief, so I figured I'd better do as she asked. I slid both hands around her left thigh, rubbing the lotion into her skin. I became aware of her camel toe outlined by her tight yellow bikini pants. I had a boner under my shorts. Then more lotion as I did her right leg, the side of my index finger touching right up against her panties. “Good lad, that's the way, rub it well in.” She encouraged me so I did.

She turned around and I did the front of her legs without being asked, fingertips tracing the outline of her bikini, her pubic mound so close to my face. I scarcely knew where to look. At her crotch I blushed, then worse when I looked up at her looking down at me. I noticed a darker patch on her bikini right by her crack, almost like it was wet. When I finished Ann stepped off to lie on the forward cabin top. I saw Frank standing in the companionway, looking up at us, smiling.

Later that day the wind had shifted. I was sitting on the windward rail. Frank was on watch. Ann asked me why I was out here on my own. “To stiffen the boat.” I said. She sat next to me. “When sailing to windward its best if the crew sit on the side amidship, the weight helps keep the boat a bit more level so it sails harder. It stiffens it.”

Ann patted my thigh. “Well then, how about I sit here with you and help you stiffen it. I'll bet the two of us could make it very hard, very stiff.” I blushed and she cracked up. “Hey Frank!” She called out “I'm helping Bob stiffen it!” More laughter. We punched through a wave getting showered with spray. Ann squealed at the delicious cold shock of it then added “Its making me so wet and tingly all over!” They both cracked up.

“Good on ya! That's what I like to see, the crew wet'n'tingly doing their duty to stiffen it.” Frank shouted to more laughter.

I'd put my arm around Ann instinctively when the wave hit us. She now leant in to me closer resting her head on my shoulder, her left hand my thigh. I found it comforting, erotic and at once felt guilty for holding Frank's wife like this, but glancing back he was standing at the helm, grinning like the cheshire cat and gave me a nod like it was OK.

We sat there for an hour or more chatting, Ann doing most of the talking, ascertaining I hadn't had a girlfriend but had a few dates. All the while she was stroking my thigh softly and I was at pains to conceal my boner, being dressed only in my Speedos and a baggy white t-shirt.

This became a pattern over the next few days. She told me she preferred my rubbing lotion on her as Frank's hands were so rough and he didn't mind as he 'hates the greasy stuff'. She took to rubbing lotion on my back and legs too, her touch feeling wonderful to me. Frank usually just wore Speedos and t-shirt now, so taking my queue from him I did likewise. He said Ann liked it.

Frank had been teaching me to navigate. We'd take our sights with his sextant, he'd go below and calculate our position, then I'd go below and do likewise, comparing my results with his, each of us then checking the others calculations.

One day as we neared Cadiz, I was sitting below at the table doing my calcs. Ann was sitting on the top step of the companionway. She had a short blue and white beach skirt on and a white short sleeved blouse tied around her breasts rather then buttoned. Her legs were spread a bit wide giving me a clear view of her crotch up her skirt. I shifted position to the end of the table, discretely snatching a better view when I thought she wasn't looking my way, which was most of the time.

Ann caught me looking up her skirt. Catching my eye she gave me that wry smile of hers then sat back a bit, spread her legs a little wider saying “Beautiful, isn't it? The smell of it, the taste of it. Mmm, rockin and rolling. I can see you just love it!” My jaw dropped. Toying with me, Ann laughed. “The sea lad! You love it don't you? Being at sea!”

“Y-yes” I stammered, crimson with embarrassment.

Ann looked me in the eye teasingly “What did you think I meant?” Before I could answer she turned to say something to Frank, the wind snatching her words but not their laughter.

Frank had me take a watch until 10 that night. We were heading for Cadiz but would be very late getting in. He wanted to do that watch as there was a lot of shipping about and yachts didn't have radar in those days. He slept early evening and Ann sat beside me in the cockpit with me after dinner.

He came on deck, took a star sight to check our position. I furled the sails as it was now dead calm, Frank putting on the diesel to motor our way to port, then around 10:30 I was dismissed. I went below to my cabin in the forepeak. Frank suggested I open my hatch a couple of inches as it was hot and the sea being dead calm it wouldn't be a danger.

I was in bed when the door opened. Ann stepped into the cabin. I sat bolt upright thinking there must be some kind of emergency. “What's up?” I asked urgently.

“Nothing. Mind if I join you? I can't sleep in the stern cabin with the engine running. I usually sleep up here when Frank's motoring at night.”

“Oh, of course. Er... Won't Frank mind though?” I inquired nervously. “I mean... er...”

She giggled, then said “He knows. He understands perfectly what I need to sleep at night.” I noticed now she wore a skimpy white negligee that showed off her tan in the dim red cabin light. Moving over she climbed in beside me, lay on her side facing away from me. Now, the V berth gets narrow towards the bow, her feet made contact with mine and her back and bum was against my side.

“Be more comfy if you lay on your side too.” Ann said after a moment of two. I rolled onto my side facing her and she snuggled herself against me. “There. That's better.” She whispered. I was at a loss where to place my hands. I stretched my left arm under her neck, my right hand sort of on her shoulder. “Mmm, hold me.” She whispered, taking my right hand and placing it on her breast.

I was shocked by her boldness but the feel of her fleshy tit under the palm of my hand was lovely, her nipple was firm, I could feel it, and the softness of the fabric on my skin was so erotic. My cock was tenting in my shorts. “I've seen you perving on my tits. Do you like how they feel?” She whispered, wriggling her bum against my loins. “Mmm, I can tell that you do.” She giggled as we became of my erection poking against her butt.

I said nothing. I could smell her freshly washed hair together with her feminine scent was a huge turn on. My breath came a little faster on the back of her neck sending a shiver down her spine and a wiggle of her bum against my cock. “I love that, when you breath on my neck. Kiss my neck Bob.” She whispered huskily.

As I put my lips to her neck she took hold of my right hand, placing it at her groin. Her crotch felt hot and damp; her pubic mound on my palm, hair so soft; she wore no panties.

I was dumbfounded. “I've been watching you watching me for days Bob. You want to touch me there, don't you?” She said.

“Yes, but what about... what if... what if Frank finds out.” I blurted out.

She leant over, kissing me as I fondled her. “He won't be down til we're anchored and he won't find out unless you tell him.” She took my head in her hands, holding me to her bosom. It felt so nice against me. She whispered. “I'm going to make you feel so nice, and show you how to make me feel nice.” I nuzzled her chest for a few minutes, my right hand cupping her groin, my middle finger working its way between her labia, she very slippery in her slit. “That's the way, slide your finger up and down there. Mmm that feels lovely for me.” She said softly, her hips slowly grinding against my hand.

She pushed back the sheet, leant over me, pushing my boxer shorts down. Climbing around the bed she straddled me, facing my feet she took hold of my penis and licked it. God that felt nice I thought, then something warm and wet engulfed it, halfway down my shaft. My God! I thought, she's sucking it! I moaned softly.

After a minute or so Ann said “My, you are a big boy! You'll be very popular with the girls when word of this gets around.” She giggled. “Now, kiss me. Lick me. Make me feel nice too.” With that she lowered her crotch to my face and resumed sucking my cock.

I took in the scent of her fanny. It smelt of pussy, but there was a faint trace of soap and and stronger scent of perfume. It turned me on immensely. Throwing caution to the wind I leant up and kissed her labia, then sticking out my tongue touched her slit, licking it from bottom to top. Ann let out a muffled sigh. For the first time I tasted a woman's juice, a little slimy but nice in a rude sort of way I thought. Mmm, I decided I liked her flavour.

I licked back down her slit. “Yes, just there. Lick that bit. That's my clitoris, it feels nicest there.” Then she was sucking me again. I licked her clitoris lots, little licks, hard ones, soft ones, flicking my tongue at it. I began to pick up on her movement and noises, mmm's and ahh's and sighs, figuring out what she liked best. It thrilled me to bits to be pleasing a woman, a mature, experienced older woman at that.

I cupped her pussy now with my mouth, sucking on her like she did me. She ground her hips mashing her cunt into my mouth as I licked her. She was wanking me as she sucked now and taking her lead I licked her faster and faster, my tongue flicking at her clitoris. I felt her shuddering above me as she moaned softly. I kept licking her but my tongue was getting tired.

Exploring her, I licked up her slit and found her opening. There was thick liquid there that I lapped up greedily. She humped at my face and my tongue slid easily inside her hole, making her groan softly and shudder all the more. I figured she liked this too and craning my head I stuck my tongue as far inside her as I could reach, wiggling it around. She bucked several times, muffled grunts and moans telling me better than words she loved this.

Oh! I recognised the first tingle orgasm building in my balls. “Ann! I'm going to cum!” I said figuring she'd want to stop. No; she moaned, took a breath saying “Mmm, I want to taste it, lick me, lick my clit!” And with that she sucked me deeper and harder, wanking the base of my shaft.

I went back to licking her clitoris, sucking her into my mouth, tongue flicking it. I felt my orgasm growing then exploding up my shaft, throbbing in those tightly gripping lips. I felt the spurts, three in rapid succession. I knew I had a huge load, not having wanked since I came aboard. I felt Ann's thighs shuddering, she had straightened out, her full weight on me, grinding her pelvis into my face I guessed she was having an orgasm too. I knew girls were supposed to have them, I'd just never experienced one of them having one with me.

Ann had pulled back a bit, only the head of my cock in her mouth, she sucking and her tongue roving over the head of my tingling penis as I spurted maybe five more times, the feel like electric shocks of pure pleasure coursing through my loins, through my whole being. God! This is so much better than wanking! I thought.

Now I relaxed, breathless, panting, I licked Ann's pussy slowly now, coming down from my orgasm and feeling the delicious afterglow. Ann, licking and sucking the last drops of sperm from my cock, then she rolled off me, laying beside me, her head on my chest, one leg over mine, my arm around her. “God that was fantastic!” She said.

“And how! Oh! I've never felt anything so nice.” I whispered, my arm around her, fingers stroking through her soft, raven hair. She looked up at me. Our lips met, mine tentative, she eagerly. I could smell sperm on her breath and taste it in her mouth as she kissed me passionately. I figured my breath probably smelt of cunt so what the hell, I returned her kisses eagerly, lost in my lust, wanting to please her.

She stroked my hairless chest and flat tummy. “In a few minutes honey, you'll feel something even nicer.” She giggled. “Mmm, I love doing it with young guys.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because you have such nice taught bums, smooth bodies, toned muscles, hard dicks and can cum lots of times.” She giggled.

We lay getting our breath back for maybe five minutes, then she was stroking my inner thigh and I was hard again. She lay on me, got to her knees, took my erection in hand, rubbed it up and down her slit a couple of times then lowered herself onto it. We both let out a soft groan as I penetrated her. The feel of her pussy on my still sensitive shaft was so nice, she felt so hot, slippery and tight on it all at once.

“There, isn't that lovely?” She asked.

“Oh God yes!” I whispered back, she leaning down, our lips meeting and tongues probing each other's mouths we kissed as I started humping her instinctively. I held her close, feeling her tits brushing my chest, stroking her back and neck as we fucked.

Ann kissed and sucked on my neck. It was exquisite, making me squirm with delight. She nibbled my earlobe whispering “I love it! I love fucking! I love it... love it... ahh! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me harder!” I did as I was bid, also kissing and sucking on her neck. In moments I felt her thighs trembling as she came, time and again.

“I want it really hard, deep.” Ann whispered in my ear. “Roll over.” We rolled over, with some difficulty getting her back in the middle of the bed without my cock falling out of her. She spread her legs wide as I humped a few times then her hands on my chest, pushing me, I got up on my outstretched arms. Ann bent double now, legs bent and wide apart as I humped her, feeling the end of her as I thrust.

“Ooo that's so fucking nice!” She gasped. “Take my legs. Here, by your shoulders.” I put her left leg under my shoulder, then her right. Lowering myself I humped into her one long slow stroke, pushing until I felt my weight pushing the head of my cock hard up against the end of her. Ann let out a low, animalistic groan.

“Sorry, am I hurting you?” I asked, concerned and pulling back slowly.

“God no! Do it hard! Oh yes! I like it hard boy! Fuck me hard! Slam your hot young cock into my cunt! Oh yes! That's it! Fuck me harder! Faster! Ahh! Ug! Ahh! Yes! Fuck me! I fucking love it! Love it hard!” Ann tossed her head from side to side, eyes closed, her chest heaving, her breathing fast. I fucked her hard, my loins making a slap sound each time I drove it home, an inch of cockshaft left outside her as I mashed the head of my dick against the end of her cunt.

I felt Ann's feet giving little kicks now, her thighs trembling as her orgasm took hold. I gazed on her face in the dim red light, cheeks flushed pink, lips so red, an expression I'd never seen before, an ensemble of pain, delight and lust. She had her hands on my hips, pulling into me her, her nails digging into my skin.

I thrust hard and fast, each bringing a grunt of delight from the woman. I felt my orgasm building. I didn't want to cum yet. I struggled to hold it back but the sight of Ann in the throws of her orgasms and the heat and slippery pussy gripping my cock was too much pleasure to resist. The tingling fired from my balls, up my shaft and erupted in the head of my penis, thrust hard against the end of Ann's cunt. I throbbed five times, filling her with my spunk.

I relaxed now, the urgency of my orgasm subsiding, Ann's too as I felt her nails releasing their grip on my hips. Gasping for breath I looked up at the open hatch, feeling for a waft of cool night air. I saw two pinpricks of light through the hatch. I stared. Was it my imagination? Or was that the reflection of light in eyes?

Ann moaned softly “Mmm, God that was so nice.” Her arms reached to my neck, pulling me down to her, our lips meeting as I released her legs, she straightened out, my penis still deep inside her. As we kissed my mind was in a turmoil. Had that been Frank watching us? Why hadn't he said anything? I didn't know if I should say anything. My penis went flaccid very quickly, slowly slipping out.

I lay beside her, my arm around her, she lay her head on my shoulder, her hand stroking my chest. I whispered “Ann, I... I...”

“What is it?”

“I don't know. Probably my imagination. Its nothing.”

“What is it?” She insisted.

“I thought I saw someone watching us through the hatch” I whispered.

She paused a moment then said “Probably. I should come clean. Frank likes to watch.”

“What!” I hissed incredulously.

“He likes to watch. He likes to watch people having sex and he especially likes to watch me with other men.” She stroked my chest soothingly. “Please, don't let it upset you. I know its a little unusual but there's no harm done and he's very discrete.”

I was stunned, taking this information in. Ann continued after a moment. “You can be sure he won't mention it in the morning. I suggest you forget it too. It was lovely making love to you. I hope you won't do anything juvenile or foolish to spoil it. I do so want to do it again.” She stroked my neck, looking up at me. “Mmmm, I want to do it again and again with you Bob.”

I felt my penis twitch the thought. “Yes, of course.” I replied.

“Well then, be a good lad and be discrete eh?” She kissed me, I returning it passionately, silently agreeing.

I woke with a start at the sound of the anchor chain rattling. Ann got up, leant over giving me a peck on the cheek, whispering “I guess we're in Cadiz. Time for Frank to have his sloppy seconds.” and she was gone. I tossed and turned, playing over the events of the last few days in my mind eventually falling asleep again around dawn.