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The Start of the End Ii


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Author's Notes

"Part III next ... names changed"

In part 1 my ex wife had been I feel abused ,she'd broken swinging rules with 2 young 20+ boys . I wasn't cross as it had re ignited our sex life .

We'd just had the best sex in month because of this. I'd got footage of my wife spitroasted on the Sunday while girlfriends were out .

As they were staying till Friday it could only be Wednesday as we both had stuff to do .

My ex wife sent them a message saying we would be round Wednesday midday make sure the girls were out !!!

A swift reply was they were on holiday had loads of fun over the weekend ty but no

She replied " We both loved it too , lucky we have the film of me spitroasted by you both ! We will be round midday Wednesday with the film, lube , Dildos etc "

" Oh make sure you are both ready for anal fun as both love anal sex "

We spent the next two days fucking like rabbits , in the pool , in the house , in houses we were cleaning . It was that horny that on Tuesday afternoon at the beach I believe we both fucked every gay or straight guy .... my wife taking both me and a huge black guy in her ass !! She took a DP and one in her mouth as I sucked a guy while I had another in my ass ..... 1 woman 6 guys ( I must add that the dunes in most clothing optional beaches contain many guy with any hole will do )

Wednesdays morning and both showered dressed ,I took a magic blue pill , shared a cellophane wrap and off we went .

We had a bag of tools " various sized dildos , a few butt plugs a harness and loads of lube , plenty of sniff too :

On arrival we were greated by both looking sheepish. We went in with my ex wife quickly disrobing , they were ready to start grabbing at her , shorts kicked off in seconds expecting a rerun of the weekend .Hands grabbing at her ass and pussy ! I put the bag of toys down and put the phone in the corner to catch the action, both to stupid to notice and to eager finger grabbing my ex wife body

" OK boys that's enough of that , this is how it's going to happen"

" Which ever is having anal fun bend over the sofa spread your cheek while I get the strap on ready " The other looked relieved somewhat " You the other suck my husbands cock " I'm just sat naked on the sofa now as this guy tentitvly opens his mouth , he's not really into sucking cock but he will learn . I grabbed his head and start moving it back and forth " go on bitch boy suck my cock, lick my head, suck my cock taste my pre cum "

My ex wife who's now fucking this guys ass , he's clearly not likely it , even though he's reaching round to stroke his cock .

The guy who's sucking me is really quite hard now and even though I'm abusing his mouth , I don't wanna cum to soon so II let go of his headand lift up " Now lick my balls and my ass bitch "

I can see my wife smiling at me , the poor guy who she is now fucking with wild power is really screaming see turns to me " stick you cock in his mouth and stop him screaming the little bitch " I push my cock into his mouth , very unwilling as I force him " Go on grab his head and cum in his mouth like he did to me "

I look into his hate filled eyes as I unload my balls forcing him to swallow it all . I leave it till every last bits in his mouth and hes swallowed it all .

I pull out and my cock is semi stiff , his mates seen it all I kiss my ex wife " she whispers grab the cuffs from the bag and let's cuff him "

I grab his arms and he's cuff behind his back , she now pulls out and offers his frien a deal " either you fuck his ass and cum in him or suck him off till he cums in your mouth choose now "

He quickly mounts his friend and start fucking his ass , Very soon he's twitching and pumping his cum into his mates asshole as we both watch " very good now you come give us some fun while naughty boy stays cuffed " " Lick me to orgasm now let me sit on your face and ride you "

He's lay on the cold floor tiles my plump wife riding his face , she playing with her tits eyes closed in heaven

I'm starting to get hard now with all this , she's now grinding down clearly cumming and moaning out loud finally she done . As she comes down she sees my now hard cock " go fuck handcuff boys ass if you wanna cum "

Matey on the floors is semi so she takes him in her mouth as I push my cock into handcuff boy . Now I know he was the one that forced my wife to swallow I'm gonna fuck his ass with no mercy , I reach round and stroke his cock as I'm pounding his gaping ass , his mates cum helping with lube and dripping on my ball sack , I feel he might cum so I stop stroking in time to full ruin his orgasm .

I sit back resting now , going soft . My ex wife stops sucking and wants his cock till he spurts everywhere, she scoops it up and feeds it to him, which he begrudgingly eats out of her hand "see boys how nice a mouth full of cum is ,I do hope you enjoyed that " she sits back on the sofa rubbing her clit , " Suck my husbands cock till he gets hard I promise he wont cum in your mouth unless you want that " she just lies back as he's sucking my cock ,she's rubbing her pussy . Then I see her quickly get up , it's nearly past 2pm , she grabs mateys arms who's sucking me and handcuffs him . His mate who's been very quiet she pick a medium plug and inserts into his ass . She grabs the phone and is putting the usb lead into it then it's TV time .

After a few minutes she gets the phone screen up , a few minutes more then we have a replay of today .

My ex wife sits back and tells them how they fucked up

" Right your girls are due back any moment now . Here you both are fucked and cheated on them both . They know we are here and you both have yourselves to blame " " The empty condoms from Saturday they saw and this morning we text Sammy the one ,who booked the rental what had happened with the small clip.of you spitroasting me on Sunday "

I'm just sat stroking , my sexy wife too as we wait for the ladies to return

Written by Devdomguy69

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