Written by Happywatcher

5 Jan 2016

It cost me $700. My wife went out for a girls night out and watched a male stripper. She came home talking about him and had a business card of the Stripper company.

We have picked up a few guys before and she has said she would like more than one stud to please her.

I called the Stripper company and eventually got to talk to the guy. He would do a private show ok.

I asked about bringing someone else along and would they have sex with my wife.

He agreed on $700 and there wouldn’t be any show just sex. He would bring 2 other guys.

I booked a hotel room and told her I had a surprise.

He turned up on time. He quickly stripped and was all over her. The other 2 did the same.

He fucked her with a condom then the other 2 had her one after the other. They then left to do a show.

I fucked her after they left and she couldn’t stop talking about it. She was sorry it was over as they only spent about 2 hours with us.

The next morning he called me while we were still in bed at the motel. He told me if we stayed another night then they would come back again at no charge. They liked her and wanted her again.

They could also stay longer as they didn’t have a show that evening being a Monday night.

It was a long day and she was excited.

He turned up at about 8pm and even brought along an extra guy.

This time the 4 of them were all over her and had her body pumping. One licking her pussy, one on each nipple and one kissing her mouth. What a sight.

They then fucked her with the stripper guy going first then the other 3. This time she got to suck each cock before they pushed it into her pussy. After the last guy they then urged me and I fucked her bareback. They cheered as I fucked and they let her suck on their cocks as well.

Our friend then suggested she shower and clean up. He said we could get a snack and drink down in the bar and have some more fun. We were only in the bar for about an hour then came back to the room. They all fucked her again and I did as well.

They left at 1am.

We crawled home the next morning and slept most of the day. I fucked her again in the afternoon and we talked and relived the previous 2 nights.

He hasn’t called back and I thought he may but its been a month. I don’t want to call as it was an expensive weekend with paying him and the hotel room. But it was well worth it.