Written by MrGsWifeForHire

5 Jun 2014

This was our third time trying doggin, the first two had been a mixture of Nikki being touched and groped and doing the same in return. The second time had gone further than the first so I was intrigued to see how this time went.

Normally start, with her consuming a bottle of wine at home whilst getting dressed, tan seamed suspender tights, open cup bra and a button up the front denim dress. We drove to our normal place off the A31 in Hants and drove through the lay by and a few others until we decided on the first one.

We parked up and waited for a few mins with both of us in the front. A few men were walking around and gradually came over to the car for a look. Once a couple were there, Nikki opened the window and answered yes to the first question of some fun. 2 men were at the window reaching in touching her through the dress. One of the men then asked her if she would like to get out of the car, without looking at me she opened the door and was stood between them. Last and watched as cocks were released and her dress opened and then put on the front seat whilst listening to there comments about her floppy tits and wet cunt. Nikki had wanked both of there cocks hard which led to one of guys leaning into me and asked if she wanted fucked, I smiled and said be my guest. After some guesturing and moving Nikki ended up on all fours on the back seat with her pussy and arse by the door. Within seconds the first guy was in her and fucking her which lead to lots of moans from her. He lasted only a few minutes before unloading into his condom and pulling out. Straight away the second guy was in her pumping back and forth. Next thing he withdrew, pulled off his condom and spunked over her large arse. By this time a few others had joined the event. Next guy in was bigger in both build and cock size and started fucking her hard and calling her a dirty slut. Nikki then said she needed to move as her legs were hurting from kneeling on the seat. The guy who we now know as Dave said she should come to his van as he had carpet in the back. Without a word or look at me Nikki walked with him to his van, by this time she was just in her suspender tights and bra, shoes had gone. He had a small citroen van, the rear doors were opened and he told Nikki to get in and get ready. She was on her back in the van with her legs spread, he climbed in wanking his cock and asked her if she wanted fucking properly, her answer was please. To this he slipped his condom off and got inside my wife. He was fucking her deep and I could see and hear her getting wetter. A mate of his asked him what she was like and he replied a right loose wet slut and said that he could have her in a minute. True to his word within a minute or 2 he had finished fucking her and had shot his load inside her. As he got off his mate got on also unprotected and fucked for about 10mins or so, commenting on how loose she was before telling her that he was going to come inside her too. This was too much for me as I came on the spot whilst rubbing my cock. One last guy just wanted to wank off over her tights and promptly did so.

Numbers were exchanged with Dave which has led to him and his mate paying us a few visits and fucking my wife good and hard on our lounge floor.

Let me know if you want to hear more