Written by Jane

17 Jul 2008

I am glad to see you guys enjoyed my bikers just as much as me, this now compels me to tell you about another incident that happened during a company training day last year. Now we all know these are a waste of time, nothing constructive gets done (work-wise), but a lot of money gets spend, mostly on booze and colleagues get to know each other (Intimately in my case).

A nice spring day, started off the usual way, everything running late and then boring lectures over what was a decent breakfast. Then came the group sessions. Meaning the entire congress gets divided into smaller groups and given stupid tasks to perform, you guys know what I mean, every company the same stupid way.

I was placed into a group with four others (Thabo from the mail room, Frank and Jacob from admin, George the call centre manager) four well build strong black SA males. How lucky can a girl get. We were given a number of puzzles / problems to solve and two hours to solve it in. The only puzzle I was interested in was how to get these guys to drop their rods.

We started at the bar, bought a couple of drinks and headed to the private cubicle assigned to us, to solve our puzzles. George acted the real management type and took charge of the situation, seeing that he needs to take charge I let him and sat right in front of him at the table. OK, I did unbutton two of the top buttons of my blouse before having a seat, so as George was standing up to tackle the first puzzle on the list - he was face with his first obstacle, how to keep his eyes from staring down my cleavage and by now my nipples were also clearly visible through my white blouse. The other two guys were also taking note of the obstacle presented.

George seemingly was making a serious attempt to get on with the task at hand, so it seemed I needed a pen, so I leaned over to my bag to retrieve one from it. However mother-nature and her forces of gravity played in my favour, as a leaned sideways those 36c's made there presence visible and the skirt I had on moved with me and did not cover the waterline, the guys got a feint glimpse of my pearl white thongs. For some reason, George had to take his seat again and my hand with pen in it was the only one on the table at that moment.

"I need a drink" said Frank and offered to get us all another round, funny enough when he returned with the drinks, the door to the cubicle was closed as if to indicate a private meeting taking place and I silently thanked Mother-nature for her intervention.

Thabo was now the leader of the group as he asked if I had a pen to borrow him, being spiteful I offered him the pen I had just retrieved, but he was quick to notice it was a blue pen and then asked if I did not have a black-pen, so I repeated my performance, this time with more retracted motions making sure they all got full view of those delightful36c's and I spread my legs, so they got a good view of my landing strip through the white thongs.

My hubby gave it that name, you know a thin strip of pubic hair in the middle of the pussy, he called it my landing strip because it is the last view from the cock-pit before coming in for the landing, clever hey.

As I handed Thabo the pen, I asked what he would give me in return and from the frown on his face it was clear that he did not know what I was taking about, so I whispered to him a black-pen for a black-pen, from the smile on his face it was now clear he now knows what I wanted. He replied that if I wanted the black pen I would have to show them what I've got and I was more than willing to comply.

I moved my chair back a couple of places and slowly unbuttoned the remaining few buttons on my blouse, see one or two unbuttoned themselves in my stretch exercise. I slowly removed my blouse letting it fall by itself from my shoulders, taken abreast of the fact that the guys were building in stature. I played with my tits for a while rubbing my hard nipples up and down and pinching them between my middle and index fingers.

I leaned back in the chair, lifted my legs into the air and then opened & closed my legs a couple of times before pulling off the skirt. I put my legs down and crossed them before saying "hang on way the hell are you guys still dressed" and I bet you not even Clark Kent could get his kit off as quick as those guys.

There I sat looking at four gorgeous naked black men, making a half circle around a small table with what I reckoned at least 40-45 inches of erectile pleasure collectively on it. So I tugged on the little strings on the side of those thongs and teasingly slowly removed it to reveal my full nakedness to them. I then walked over to the table and took a seat on it, leaning back on one arm with my feet on the table and my legs wide open, I started to finger myself as I waited for them to catch a wake-up.

One by one they got closer, not knowing whether they should leave me to fuck myself and just watch or could they join in. Thabo was clearly not into kinky shit, he just stepped in-between my legs and rammed his long thick dick straight up my cunt, although I was wet it hurt as I was clearly not lubricated enough for this, but after a few deep ones my body compensated more than adequately. I could now fully enjoy the moment, the other guys were wanking themselves with one hand while the other was playing with my tits. The way they were ramming on those dicks I thought to myself that if they make them any longer I might end up being impaled by wooden stakes before not too long.

Frank pulled my head back and from side-on stuck the tip of his dick up my nose, this is weird I thought, maybe some tribal thing, but he soon corrected his aim and I sucked on it. Thabo withdrew out of me and went to go and sit on a chair, I looked down at my empty pussy and saw a gaping wound as the hole did not close as Thabo pulled out. He waved me too him and I got off the table dragging the three soles with me to him.

Thabo bent me slightly forward and pushed two fingers up my ass and then added his thumb and gently massaged my bum-hole ever bigger until what he reckoned big enough and then lowered me onto his dick, I swear if his dick was not up my ass I would have shat myself, only later that evening in the bath did I realise that he actually tore it.

Jacob now placed himself in-between my legs and put the tip of a huge cock into my pussy and then gave it to me bit by bit until at least ¾ of the way in then he pulled back and then slowly in again, this time deeper and deeper every time until my pussy could take the whole thing, Girls you should do yourself a favour and try this, it hurts, it pains it even bleeds -- but fuck it is great.

While these two drove me out of my mind, I grabbed the remaining two dicks and almost broke them off , as I was not trying to wank them but grab hold of something solid otherwise these two would launch me into space as they both came at the same time -- A cellphone rings ...

It is suddenly dead quite as George answer his phone, we could clearly here the MD's voice as he asked "where the fuck are you guys?, we want to start the meeting...". George said that we were coming, and for once he was not lying to the MD.