Written by Anonymous

11 Oct 2018

The force of his kiss and the roughness of his touch left no question to how turned on he was.. as I lay there naked emotionally wired from cumming so much and covered in strangers cum and saliva, I knew I needed him to have me.

Get up he said ..on your hands and knees....

As I did as he told me, unable to answer back due to the aching need to please him, I watched as he took his clothes off. Silently staring, hearing my heart beat pulsing though me, as he slowly started to take his cock in his hand and fist himself while not dropping eye contact.

Like want you see gorgeous he said with a smile.... yes I replied I need you to fuck me.

Been fucked alot already haven't you but still needing more....I would say you have a taste for this don't you....crawl to the end and I'll show you how my cock tastes ...

As I reached the end of the pool table, he reached a hand into my hair and pulled my head firmly to his cock...the force and grip pulled my hair and I went to scream in pain a little but had no chance as he pushed his cock all the way into my mouth.

He was so big and wide I couldn't take him all and yet he didn't seem to care...as I struggled, hit his legs and gagged he pushed in and out of my mouth... shhhh gorgeous calm down trust me he said.

His thrusts slowed down allowing me to get my breath... his cum was dripping down my chin to which he just wiped his thumb to catch it and lifted it to his mouth and licked it clean.

I had never seen a guy enjoy the taste of his own cum before and it was sexy as fuck.

He continued to fuck my face, violently at times so I couldn't breathe to then slowly and teasing me with the tip till I tried to take more... looking up and watching him use my mouth, control me for his own need had my pussy dripping all over the table I couldn't help but start to finger myself as he continued.

That's it make yourself cum as I use you he said.... if you cum hard I will fuck you as a reward.

I pushed 3 fingers into my already stretched pussy and started to fuck myself fast .... sensing the urgency he started to fuck my mouth keeping the same pace... I tried to pull off his cock to cum yet he wouldn't let me move and I screamed and gagged on his cock as the waves of it hit me. This in turn had him cumming down my throat, fuck girl that's it take it he said ...

Before I could even catch my breath he pulled me round, lifted my arse and put my face on the table and slammed his cock into me hard

He didn't stop..didn't slow down just trusted harder and faster into me. Moving one hand to my clit...cum for me again girl...cum on my cock now ...Moving onto my hands he took a hand full of hair and pulled...I was in his control and it felt amazing...how was being fucked by total strangers... they are out there now listening, touching because of you...you need to cum now show them I own you ...I screamed and bucked back against him losing all control...spent and used on a pool table but never felt so alive ...