Written by Tayla

10 Jan 2016

It seems some folk were interested in our group.

I have been part of it for about 4 years. I was invited to join after my marriage broke up and I joined a dating club and went out with a few different men.

I really enjoyed myself with these carefree relationships after the restriction of my failed marriage.

The variety of the different dates was like a drug. One of these men mentioned he was in this group and wondered if I would like to join.

I was curious as I had known that he was having sex with other women beside me and it never worried me. He knew I was seeing others as well.

I first had a medical test and then went along and met some of the group. My friend had told me most of the details but it was refreshing to hear it from both other men and some ladies.

When I joined there were 8 ladies of which 3 were married to men in the group, 2 more in relationships with group members and 3 like me with nothing permanent.

I was very interested with the other ladies views and why they were part of it. Some liked group sex and that would be new to me, others liked the variety of the different males. They all liked being the centre of attention but none exhibited any jealous vibes.

The sex once I was accepted was all unprotected which appealed to me and all members were expected to adhere to these rules and I believe we all still do.

The group has changed with people dropping out and new members replacing them. Access to the group is only by invitation.

The group was started by 2 couples, one was married and the other not. They invited extra men to please their wives and it went from there. Both these couples are still in the group.

The average age I would estimate is now late 30’s. So there are some a little older and some younger.

Everyone is fit and looks after themselves. The ladies all have Brazilians and some of the men are shaved as well. If not then the men’s pubic hair is closely cropped. The men are encouraged to remove other body hair also.

There are about 25 men in the group and we usually meet once a week. But sometimes more if its arranged. Members can hook up with each other outside our meets and we do.

Of course the full group hardly all get together. But usually it’s about 5 or 6 ladies and enough men so that we get 3 or 4 each. Some men get to have 2 different women depending on time. It’s quite a social scene as well, not just tearing our clothes of and fucking.

We all live in a large city and I have plenty of friends but none know about the group and what I get up to. I expect one day I would like a permanent relationship but what I have now is extremely stimulating and highly satisfying. I can’t imagine having mundane sex again.

Interestingly the wife in one of the married couples has told me that she and her husband still have and enjoy intimate sex very often when they are alone. She says he is an expert lover and I agree. I have had him many times.

Carol, who brought her cuckold husband to our group meeting was the first allowed to do that. She was allowed in the group because we knew of her special relationship. Her husband was not allowed penetrative sex with her. In their relationship he was restricted to oral and cleaning duties. She wanted more men and more ways to humiliate him. It worked for all of us.

For me I now really like oral sex. I like it being done to me and I like sucking a man while another has me.

Carol as I said previously is a black lady. She is the only one but there are 7 men who are black.

I expect some want to know do the ladies get together. The answer is yes. Some of us do like that as well but with so many men on hand then is usually hard to let two ladies focus on each other. It does happen but it is more usual to meet up separately and not in the group scene. I do get it on with one of the married girls though fairly regularly and often with her husband taking part or just being there.

That’s our group. I bet there are plenty around like ours. You just have to find them or start one of your own.