Written by Marlon

23 Aug 2007

Entering the night club we stumbled down the stairs to get a drink and prepared to dance the night away. Me and Lee, my girlfriend often went out at night the weekends just to drink and generally have some naughty fun. We would sometimes expose ourselves to other people as she sucked on my cock in a dark corner or i sucked on her nipples on the dance floor. But we had never really done anything more. Lee my girlfriend is an awesome looking Thai lady, she is 24, tall, slim and has a curvy ass and very large natural boobs.She looked so sexy in the skin tight purple dress she had on.(Irene Fah look-alike).

The club was packed to the brim with people. It was an older crowd, mostly males in there late 30s. The dance floor was still pumping so after a couple of drinks Lee gave me the "I'm horny and want to show these men what Ive got"look!

My cock instantly grew as she went to dance and i moved to watch standing in a little corner by a large speaker. Behind the speaker was where everyone would leave there coats. it was out of view of the dance floor and is where Ive given her mouthfuls of cum before.

Lee was at the edge of the dance floor doing the most dirty and sexual dance moves. Licking her fingers and running her hands up her legs then pushing her tits together and exposing her massive cleavage. There were a group of men cheering her on and a couple were joining in and there hands were touching her body as she moved.

Two particularly ugly and old men also attempted to get involved groping Lee but were pushed away and laughed at by the younger crowd. To there absolute shock and amazement she barged her way out of the crowd and started to dance with these two men in the corner where i was standing.

While edging closer to the speaker out of view of the main club but in view of the crowd of men, she bent over and quickly undid one of the mens trousers. He had quite a small cock and had to lean back real far to stop Lee's head hitting his belly. But he could still move!! he was fucking her mouth harder and faster than anything Ive ever seen, while the other man had pulled Lees skirt up and was already poking his cock around trying to find a hole to shove it inside...

His gave a dirty smile when he finally slipped it inside her and furiously fucked her tight pussy like there was no tomorrow.

All the men were looking and wanted to get involved. But by this time i was in between them and my dirty girlfriend because i knew she wanted to show them that these fat ugly men could service her just as well as they could. It made her so hot knowing they all wanted to fuck her but she was only fucking the two fattest ugly-est guys in the hole club.

Within no time the men had swapped and were ramming her in every position in the book.

What was to happen next was what made me cum. Because Lee is so tall and had heels on, she stood with her back straight up with her legs bent as one man entered her from the front. The other man forcefully poked two fingers in her ass and before it closed his dick popped inside.

I watched for only a minute and came over the coats as Lee looked at me and slid off the two cocks, one man had already filled her ass up as she took another load inside her mouth.

She licked both there cocks clean and put on a coat as we walked out. The two men kept dancing with the biggest grins on there faces and wernt laughed at again.

When we got home i fucked Lee dogie style in the ass while she talked about what she had done.