Written by David

6 Mar 2018

He met her 2 years ago in uni and since then been together happily. She was Korean, pale skin, black long hair and amazing body with thick legs. He was tall athletic guy who loved fun.

Every time thery were having sex, he loved her submissiveness. So much so, he fantasised about her being submissive for others. No secrets here, he told her and even watched gangbang porn several times together. He knew she was getting wet from that fantasy as well.

Her birthday, in August...warm sunny day! He invites her to his place for surprise. She arrives in a jean skirt and t shirt, looking hot. To her surprise 3 more friends of her dear bf were there. They cut cake, get some drinks and have fun chat.

It is time to give the lady the surprise present, he thought. He was very open and asked her if she wants to fullfill long time fantasy....she blushed and got shy... and finally noded gently.

The guys had no patience, and in couple minutes she was naked rubbing three large cocks. She dropped on her knees to taste those rock hard cocks. he never saw her so horny and slutty before, and he was enjoying it. With wet cocks, first guy went down asking her to gently slide all into her. She took the order and sat on it, letting all go in with a moan, which was shortly interrupted with second cock in mouth. Not long passed when third guy pushed it deep in her ass, pushing her head over the second guy. She struggled a bit, but took it at the end. She was being fucked as both always imagined. 10 minutes of moaning and sweats, she froze. The guy was filling her mouth with his load, making her swallow... she loved it! It took moments for that action affect other guys... first her vagina was dripping of cum, and later her ass was full.

The guys took a shower and left. She quietly, hugged him and thanked him. He was hard and felt weird but did not say anything. He will sure will think a lot about it.