Written by Spike

19 Aug 2014

Seeing Lucy, my girlfriend, coming downstairs with her best friend Nikki was gobsmacking.

Every male eye in the hotel lobby was fixed on these two. Lucy in skin-tight red jeans and a tight white crop top, long black hair over shoulders, her belly stud on her flat tummy twinkled in the lights. No bra, and I knew, under those red huggers, no panties. Something technical about knicker line. Lucy a gorgeous long-haired honey blonde in equally skin tight snake-skin pants, a loose floaty top to the waist smiled as they saw me, the lucky guy.

The plans had gone wrong. Lucy and her boyfriend, Jake, were going for a long weekend to the hen-party/stag-party/porn capital of Europe. We'd booked a room with two double beds for economy mainly although Lucy did ask me if I minded an foursome and would I mind if she had sex with Jake. Mind? I loved the idea of seeing her with Jake. It wasn't a plan..but, hopefully things happen. And you didn't come here without sex being a major factor.

The plans had gone wrong as Jake's couldn't get away. So here was I with two stunners in sex city. Tough.

Eyes swivelled as went into a bar in the centre, a lovely on each arm. The girls sat down and drinks were brought. I looked round. An English St Trinians themed hen-night was in the corner some hopeful males trying to engage. Some professional girls in hot-pants or mini-skirts, revealingly tight or revealing floaty, were there hoping to exploit the blokes on stag-nights and groups from eastern Europe or lone males.

A waiter came up, bent down and whispered to me asking whether we'd like to go through to the dance hall. " Oh yes." He led the way through a door in the corner, down a passageway into a disco. On a small stage at the other end a band played. On the floor people danced, some very intimately, more hip grinding than dancing. Against the wall a man leant kissing a girl, tongue reaching deep, hand up her skirt.

A man grabbed Lucy to dance and I followed. Nikki masturbated me with her pubes as we danced close. My hands slipped round her bum. Tight, cute, firm, they fitted snugly into my hands. My cock was rock hard as I moved pressed hard against her. I pulled her against me and thrust hard and she came with a shiver of excitement. Lucy was out of sight. Out of mind at the moment.

The band stopped the cheap red curtains were drawn across opening again to reveal an exotic dancer and canned music blared through the hall. Now topless the redhead danced provocatively, touching herself, then hand slipping into musical masturbation.

Suddenly from either side a man came on stage. Both were stark naked, cocks erect and the three masturbated to the music in front of us. Dancing virtually stopped as people crowded round the stage. Lucy stood arm around my waist.

Then the girl knelt down taking the two erect cocks in hand working them together. Next she took one, then the other, in her mouth the men thrusting hips, balls slapping against her face. She undid the ties on the side of her panties, letting them fall to the floor. Then she bent forwards over the prop on stage, a plain wooden chair. Cocks went into each end, buttocks thrust to get maximum penetration. Both music and men built up to a climax, cocks were pulled out, the girl sat on the chair and both men milked themselves hard until both sent several jets of creamy cum onto her breasts.

The audience was now active with groans and gasps coning from various places. A couple of girls were spead-eagled against the wall by their partners and the buttocks of their men worked hard pushing hard dicks into them. A girl was taking on a group of blokes. The trio on stage had released inhibitions and now an orgy was unfolding.

The curtains opened again. It was amateur hour. A blonde girl from St Trinians, still in uniform. had grabbed a well-built grey haired man and taken him on stage. His cock sprang out as she pulled his trousers and pants down. She pulled of her knickers, bent over the chair and he up-skirt fucked hungrily cumming quickly withdrawing just in time for us to see his cum shoot over her skirt.

Then a threesome, men wanking slowly at first over a girl in bra and pants stretched out on the floor. Other men came on stage. Six in all showered her with their juice.

Then a big blonde bloke in a suit appeared with... my Lucy, still dressed in those red jeans and white top. I felt both weak and excited. In public! he had his hands all over her, boobs and bum. He pushed up her top braless boobs for all to see. She unzipped him, trousers fell to the floor, then pants, dick springing out. Massive. Long and thick. She stroked, licked, dribbled cum-like white spittle onto the head massaging it round with her hand. Off came his shirt and jacket. Now naked, starving cock waving in the air he knelt down, unzipped her and slipped her red jeans down. Underneath she was naked and the little finger-sized piece of neatly trimmed dark hair was exposed for all to see. Then he knelt down exploring her with hand, then fingers, then tongue.

We'd talked of me watching, but not several dozen. Nikki's hand tightened around my waist and the other felt my straining cock in my jeans, fondling it consoling.

Naked, from the waist down,Lucy stood on the chair put her arms round his neck. Hands under her thighs he lowered her onto his great throbbing dick. One of her hands guiding him home. Then pulling herself up and down she worked him, his hands lifting and buttocks thrusting.

Nikki had now undone my zip and was kneeling before me giving a comforting and wonderful blow. I just let myself go pushing her head down and my hips forward forgetting for a moment Lucy on stage. I buried my cock deep inside her holding it there while I came, jetting my sperm into her. She took it swallowing it, before licking my cock clean. I was zipped up and being kissed with my own salty spunk before Lucy had finished.

On stage a couple of other girls, one from St Trinians, knelt behind her, mouths ready to receive any donations of life-making spunk.

Lucy climbed off him and one of the lucky girls took his cock into her mouth blowing him until the moment before he exploded his cream over the waiting girls.

The curtains closed, Lucy soon re-appeared as if nothing had happened. She just winked.

Soon after we left, me with a girl on each arm, back to the hotel and bed with two babes.

I wasn't going to waste that and I was the bloke whose spunk would fill Lucy.