Written by Spittingsnake

17 Apr 2012

Hello to you all, first i am 62 retired and the wife is 50,this happened last year. I am bi and i had been seeing my cock buddy allan also 62 for some time, at this point my wife did not know what i was up to, i had done most things like dogging and cottaging. I had been to see allan, we had been fucking and sucking each other, his cock was bigger than mine, im not small but average, anyway i came home and the wife said where have you been, i said to see one of my old work mates, she said why do you smell of different soap than what we use,i said i got dirty helping him do some work so i had got a shower at his.

dont know why but she said i dont believe you, you have been with another woman,i said i hadnt but she kept going on and on,

The next day i was in bed and she came in and sat by the bed and said if you have been with another woman i want to know, i said i hadnt, but i had watched a porno film with allan and we ended up having a wank, she said what together and i said yes. She asked what the film was about, i said two men and a woman, and the woman gets double fucked, she said, can you borrow the film and let me watch, i said yes, but you wont like it, the two men play with each other, ok she said i want to see it.

We talked about the film and i said, you will not like it because the men end up fucking each other, she said, let me see it.

I phoned allan and asked him if i could borrow the dvd, he said that his mate that had lent it him was picking it up that night, but if we wanted we could watch it at his house.

I told the wife and she said ok, we will go to allans,i got dressed and we drove over, it was about 10 in the morning, we got there and went in, allan looked at me and me him, and mouthed keep quiet.

He put the film on and said he was going for a shower, i sat in a chair and the wife sat on the settee, the film got to the point where both men were sucking each other and the woman was fingering her cunt, as i watched the wife, she started to squirm and put her hand over her trousers, i was getting hard and was resting my hand on my crotch.

allan put his head round the door and asked if we wanted tea or coffee, we said coffee, the film was showing the woman getting split roasted, and the wife said, i would like to try that oneday, i was gobsmacked, she had never said anything before about wanting extra cock.

Allan came in with the drinks,he had a dressing gown on, when he went over to her with her drink, she grabbed his gown and said lets have a look at this cock that my husband has seen, and yanked it open, she got a full view of his cock and balls.

he started on one line of talk and it was not what i had told her, he sat down at side of her and looked at me, she said, ok , what have you two been doing.

The film was showing the woman with both cocks, one up her cunt the other her arse. the wife was looking at us, the tv and her hand was rubbing hard on her crotch, she said to me, if you have been playing with cock it is ok, if it is another woman then it isnt.

I said ok i have, with allan, she said i want to watch you both,NOW,to do what you do together, i stood up and dropped my trousers and took off my shirt, my cock had shrunk when the wife had started to question us, but now it had started to grow again.

allan stood up and removed his gown, his cock too was growing. i moved over to him and started to stroke his cock and he with mine, she said is that all you do, he bent over and took all my cock into his mouth, i started to feel his arse and put a finger up his bum. his cock just stood out like a flag pole, i looked at the wife and she had her hand inside her blouse fingering her tits,

its been boring up to now, but wait till i put down what happened then, bye for now