Written by Sexy couple rdg

15 May 2011


A little about us to begin. We,re a mid thirties couple who have been swinging for around 3 years. We've always played with couples and had full swap.

The wife is tall, curvy and smooth and I must admit I have always enjoyed seeing her get fucked by another man. Recently, our conversations have turned to inviting another guy for a 3sum.

Anyway we hunted around a little while but guys meeting the wife's spec were few and far between so the opportunity didn't arise.

Despite my frustration, the situation carried on for several months.

Anyway, I arrived home early from work one afternoon to find two cars parked in the driveway and another two outside. Thinking that it was funny I walked in the front door to immediately bump into a naked black guy who must have been in his fifties. Without thinking I glanced down and saw his semi erect penis which mist have been 8 inches at half mast. He said you're late man but there's still plenty happening upstairs.

With that he proceeded to head up the stairs.

I stood there open mouthed and could hear male voices, laughter and the sound of a woman's moans coming fro


I could put two and two together and deduced that in all likelihood my wife was upstairs getting fucked by god knows who. Anger, bewilderment and fear crossed my mind but also I could feel my cock start to twitch a little.

Before I had time to move the downstairs loo flushed and out walked my wife's best friend Ella stark bollock naked. I've always admired her from afar and couldn't help but look her up and down admiring her tall slender body and legs and her pert breasts. Her pussy was shaven and by the redness it looked like it had had some serious attention. My cock was growing all the time.

She looked a little surprised but just said oh, you've decided to join in at last then. I was speechless and just stood there. She walked over and said well you better get undressed and cum up then. I couldn't do anything but admire her naked form and was devouring her body with my eyes. She leaned in, kissed me and started unbuttoning my shirt. Wow, I couldn't decide what to do and just stood there as she slipped off my shirt and got on her knees and started slipping off my shoes and socks. I looked down to get a view of her arse. She's always, in the time I've known her, had a bit of a wider arse in comparison to her hips. Not huge but just enough in my opinion. Anyway looking over it was clear her arse had been well lubed and again the redness suggested it had been fucked.

She then knelt up and started undoing my belt and trousers. I reached down instinctively to stop her at the same time as a large moan/scream upstairs undoubtedly indicated that Michelle, my wife, was having a large orgasm. Ella looked up smiling and said come on, we're missing the fun! I let her move my hands away and just as she undid my zip, another loud moan from upstairs and a deep male voice calling out fffffuuuuccccckkkinnnn hhheeeeelllllll.

Ella pulled down my trousers and shorts in one motion and as I stepped out of them my rock hard cock was mm from her face. It's not huge, about 7 inches long and quite thick. I've always had lots of Precum and it was dribbling a little. Without hesitation Ella took the full length in her mouth, sucked it a couple of times then licked my balls and the head of my cock quickly and stood up smiling reaching out for my hand. Quick as a flash I placed my other hand between her legs against her smooth pussy and ran my finger up and down between her lips before sliding a finger into her. She was tight but sopping wet. Her wetness had a stance sticky feel and it took me a few seconds to realise her cunt was full of spunk.

Pulling my hand away she held the other and led me up the stair saying come on before they have all the fun. I was still in a state of shock and silently followed her, my cock still like granite!

We walked into the bedroom and a small cheer went up. The bedroom was full of naked men in various states of arousal and a few nodded hellos to me as I looked round to the bed to see my wife on her back with a young slim White guy kneeling at the side of her with what looked an average size cock in her mouth. Her legs were wide apart in the air and between them a fat asian guy was positioned, hairy arse going ten to the dozen as he clearly fucked her.

Ella climbed onto the bed beside her and as my wife took the cock from her mouth, she pointed at me. My wife turned round and looked at me and an immediate look of shock and fear covered her face before she looked me up and down. Clearly noting my nakedness and rock hard cock. Clearly thinking all was fine, she smiled, gave me a thumbs up and turned back and started sucking the lads cock again.

By this stage Ella was also on her back and was being attended to by two black lads. The one in her mouth appeared no bigger than mine but the one being rubbed up and down her cunt was at least nine inches and really thick. I've always wanted Michelle to take black cock so it turned me on as he slowly eased into Ellas wetness as she let out a loud groan of oh my god!

So here I am naked, in a room full of naked men watching my wife and her best friend getting spiroasted. The surrealness of the situation made me feel quite light headed. Looking around I did a quick headcount and including the 4 on the bed and me, there were eighteen naked men in our bedroom. 9 black guys, 2 Asian and including me, 7 White guys. The age range appeared to be anywhere between early twenties to late fifties and there were some fit guys and a few fatties. To my disappointment it looked like my cock was below average, especially against some of the black guys and a couple of the White guys.

It was clear that this was well organised as there was a small table with soft drinks on. On the bedside table was the largest double ended dildo and an impressively large strap on as well as some lube and poppers.

It appeared that there was an informal queuing system between the door and the end of the bed and I quietly joined the rear, simply not knowing what to make of the situation. As I did, the Asian guy in my wifes cunt groaned and changed his thrusting to short sporadic bursts as he clearly orgasmed. A light round of applause as he withdraw his quite small dick and with it a globule of spunk from my wife's cunt. Judging by the cum that was dribbling from her,he wasn't the first guy to dump his load in her today. I was shocked as we've always played safe and whilst she's always been happy to swallow guys she's never let them spunk in her. The young load at the side if her pulled out and manoeuvred himself between her legs and immediately entered her. His place was taken by another White lad with a veiny thick cock that must have been eight inches long.

Meanwhile Ella had been turned on all fours and had black cocks sliding in and out of her at both ends.

Hope you enjoying it so far, let me know if you want me to tell you what happened over the next three hours