Written by Sexy couple rdg

15 May 2011


The next thing I hear is a pissing sound, a gurgle and splashing with ray shouting you fucking dirty bitch.

This continued for around 5 mins all with Ella, ray and the occasional guy telling my wife how filthy she was.

A few guys came out the bathroom and the rest of us stragglers were able to enter.

As I suspected there was my wife in the bath with spunk dribbling out her cunt and arse, on her knees with her mouth wide open while one of the White guys who had fucked her earlier pissed into her mouth. She was alternating between swallowing and spitting it out and every so often Ella would lean forward and slap her tits and tell her how filthy she was.

I was both horrified and turned on. Although the sleaziness was a reAl turn on the fact it was my wife being treated this way shocked me.

The guy finished and Michelle grinned at him then leant forward and sucked his cock clean. Ray said good girl, you fucking love it. Then he reached down and opened Ellas legs, sliding three fingers roughly into her and bring them out glistening with her juices and several different guys spunk before offering them to my wife. She greedily cleaned them before looking to the room and asking which of you horny bastards is next.

Two guys stepped forward and the exercise was repeated until only ray, Ella and I were left. Ray said to me, fancy a go mate. Not knowing what to say I declined saying I hadn't had enough to drink. He grinned, not to worry mate this sluts hubby will be home soon so best get dressed. At this my wife looked up nervously and Ella dug ray in the ribs hissing he is her hubby.

Ray grinned and offered me his hand saying I was a lucky fucker. All I could stammer was I wasn't sure about that as my wife stood up dripping in cum and piss. Ella deduced the situation and said to my wife, he doesn't know does he? My wife shook her head. Ray immediately apologised and Ella explained that they thought I knew and had so far refrained from joining in.

I was stunned and left the room muttering how they should clean up. I walked into the bedroom where the last of the stragglers was leaving.

I heard the shower turned on and ray walked in. The girls are having a shower mate. I grunted and he started to explain the situation.

He and Ella had been fuckbuddies for about six months and a couple of times they had fun with a few of his friends. I listened intently wondering where this was going.

It seems Michelle had told Ella about our swinging and also about my hope that Michelle would fuck another guy. Ella had then told Michelle about ray and how big his cock was as well as their group fun. Apparently nothing Else was said but Ella had in pillow talk told ray. After seeing a couple of photos he had confessed how hot he thought she was.

On a girls night out Ella had let this slip and as they were only fuckbuddies had said it was fine if Michelle wanted to screw him. Well a couple of phone calls later both ray and the girls were in taxis heading to Ellas flat. More drinks had flowed and a game of strip poker had followed. Soon all were naked and one thing led to another and before long all three were in bed with hands and mouths everywhere before ray finished fucking both of them, slinking over my wife's tits as a finale.

I had known nothing of this and advised ray he wasn't endearing himself to me. At this point the girls walked in, showered and fresh. My wife leaned over, mumbled an apology and kissed me. I sat open mouthed as she then went and perched on rays knee. Before I could say anything Ella was beside me with her Tongue down my throat. I've always fancied her so amongst my anger, this was a pleasant surprise.

Nonetheless, I pulled away and said well how does a one off bit of drunken fun turn into what I've seen today?

Michelle piped up to say it just happened. How I asked. Well, it seems that after they agreed to never mention the drunken night again but within two weeks my wife was badgering for a repeat performance and asking lots of questions about the group fun Ella and ray had had.

Initially Ella had refused but in the end had given Michelle rays number. Michelle had within a day arranged to meet him in a local hotel where she had told him how amazing his huge cock was and how she had never seem a guy cum that much and that forcefully. Well she soon had as they spent the rest of the afternoon in the hotel fucking and Michelle had received three loads of spunk as well as having her arse stretched. Apparently this went on for a few weeks all whilst I was under the impression she was unsure of fucking other men.

Ella had been aware of all this and the lucky bastard had been fucking both of them! Well Ella and ray had arranged another group and invited Michelle and a couple of extra guys. Proceedings had kicked off with a few nibbles before Ella and Michelle had put on a show for the guys. Ella then interjected that she had gone further than ever before taking dp for the first time as well as several loads of cum. All of this was due to trying to keep up with Michelle who had taken so many loads of cum they lost count.

Ray then chimed in to say after this Michelle had come up with a suggestion to hold parties where both girls would take on whatever was thrown at them. After agreeing to host, Michelle had placed advert on several swinging websites. At the first party only five guys had shown up and Ella had ended up on the sidelines as my wife had turned into such a greedy girl. It was after this party the ray had jokingly suggested washing the cum off with his piss and within 5 mins both ray and Ella had pisses over my wife, who had loved it.

Well today was the third party and they had found that offering watersports was a great way of boosting numbers.

So, I asked my wife, how could you do this? She shocked me by grabbing rays cock and saying she loved me but she couldn't do without this huge cock and so would do whatever he suggested. I looked aghast and ray piped up that he guessed that made him a bull and me a cuckolds. He said he knew this because I had allowed this to happen. Ella interjected whilst stroking me that that may be the case but at least I had found a fuckbuddy.

Michelle and ray looked at each other, laughed and said great stuff. They decided that this was time to tell me about the bukkake meet they had planned for two weeks time where the two girls would be tied back to back and made to kneel in the middle of the roomwhilst guys fucked their mouths and covered thm in jizz. Ella whispers in my ear that'll be great, are you coming?

Before I could answer ray stood up and said well we want to fuck now so you and your cuck need to leave.

And there you go, that's how my life turned upside down!

Michelle and I haven't slept together since although she has promised that if I agree to wait in line then I can fuck her at the next gangbang!