Written by ArlingtonOne

3 Jun 2013

An SH member queried why I’m openly explicit about my wife’s ‘affairs.’ To be candid, my membership allows me to post updates as an alternate to maintaining a diary! Months ago, I commented “being open” with my postings far better than divulging details to a ‘counselor’ who gets paid for listening…NOT much more. A fair number of SH members well aware of our experiences, and perhaps not altogether a good thing…some members now know the name of my firm…a by-product from using our real first names in the postings and cross-reference with Martindale’s Directory! So be it!

Doesn’t diminish the fact that when Judi and I had our GB ‘going away’ party for Miranda, Judi herself realized what she’s been missing last few months by restricting herself to our more casual, personal, sexual intimacy. Over last year, my wife has come to enjoy group fuck parties…perhaps she’s been engaged with these GB events far longer than my knowledge. Having Judi’s business colleague, Bennett and his wife Violet (actually her real name Viola…she enjoys ‘Violet’) participate in our Miranda party allowed me to learn a lot more about my wife’s activities...or call them discretions.

The other evening, Bennett and I shared a few pops. Seems he and Judi don’t often link…a little too close for the business. BUT, Bennett is aware of Judi’s sexual activities with those around him. Literally 3 days after the Miranda party, Judi participated in a ‘party’ of her own with several colleagues. It all began at Strawberry Moons on Gabriel’s Hill in Maidstone…not a bad place to connect with someone you’d like to lay. We often hear how the guys make the pass…make the effort to connect with their sexual object…whether mature gal or young pussy. Here, we have a situation where my wife does the ‘analysis and choosing’ with whom she’d like to fuck! Appears, Judi chose one of her young colleagues…someone she’s been mentoring according to Bennett (I know…I laughed as well…”mentoring” as an extension of how to engage cock-in-pussy…and more…;);) The party began at Strawberry Moons…Judi and another gal in her early 20’s…quite the slim stunner according to Bennett. The young lady was a casual pick-up at the club’s 2nd floor lounge. Seems Judi influenced the young lady to join her and party with some of the guys at a local residence. I’m sure the young woman was as equally stoned as my wife…she and Judi shared some drinks while Judi introduced her friends.

Bennett followed the subsequent group procession to Edward’s home… Eddie is a young CP sales agent…bachelor and quite the active guy. It was already clear to Ed and several other fellows, there would be a group fuck party…Judi and Eleanor would be the “hostesses.” Bennett was honest...he tagged along…he’s their office supervisor…and as he put it, he wanted to fuck the young gal. Well, he wasn’t altogether “honest”…he was just as interested fucking my wife as much as the young woman…!!

The party continued…drinks all around…and both ladies…my wife and Eleanor did stripteases. Before either woman totally undressed, several guys jumped into the proceedings…’handling’ both gals…wanting to be sure the younger woman and my wife wouldn’t get cold feet or second thoughts about being fucked by the group! Bennett described the party as Bacchus-like…the ladies were altogether stripped and placed side by side on the master bed. Within seconds, young men were probing each woman’s pussy…as two lads positioned their swollen cocks at each of the gals’ mouths.

Eleanor was the first to be missionary fucked…my wife attempted to turn around…to watch. One of the sales agents presumed she was trying to get up…pressed Judi to the bed…and positioned his cock at Judi’s cunny entrance. Bennett said my wife was enthralled…she was about to get nailed by a good 8" or 9" young cock. Several men were hovering Eleanor…all waiting their turn to fuck the young woman. Now, 2 of the young lads shifted over to my wife…realizing Judi’s mature great looks were something to behold…and pleasure! I prodded Bennett..was he one of the gentlemen…? “Yes,” his reply…with a casual smile. I toasted him with a drink…and continued to hear what happened that night.

Judi was train-fucked by 3 men…never really given a chance to ‘rest’ between play sessions. Eleanor was train-fucked by 4 lads…as well no rest between fuck sessions. It wasn’t until Edward decided to spice things up that the girls had a chance to rest their loved cunnies (NO ONE had yet anal fucked either woman…) Eddie was aware my wife has bi-penchant for young women. With some whispering among the lads…and a little maneuvering on the bed…Judi was handily positioned over Eleanor’s torso…and told…to eat out the young woman. Though Judi was staggering inebriated, she initially refused…not exactly sure why…Judi enjoyed treating herself to an occasional young woman. Perhaps, too many participants in the home. While Judi is no wall flower when it comes to her GB’s, she usually chooses to have sex with another gal in private. My wife wasn’t given all that much time to engage Eleanor. One of the gents slapped her genitals…pushed several fingers into my wife’s vagina…and ordered her to take Eleanor…or become the focus of every guy in the room to train-fuck her throughout the night…!!

Between Bennett and I, what was the difference…Judi and Eleanor were being fucked the entire evening…;);) As it were, the lad used a ‘fear factor’ of sorts on Judi…and my wife gut suckered into submission. She immediately went down on Eleanor. Bennett said…the room went quiet. My wife is quite the slit eater…savoring every bit of a young woman…eating out her youthful pussy. One of the gentlemen had placed a pillow under Eleanor’s ass…further exposing her banged cunt. Judi took full advantage of that exposure…slipping and pushing her fingers into the girl…separating and opening her lips…while voraciously devouring the young woman’s pussy. When the guys’ cocks could bear no more, they pulled Judi away…and went back to banging Eleanor.

Judi, however, was now to experience a good anal fucking for her “reward” of the evening. I say that term sarcastically…my wife has a difficult time accepting a rear-fuck…I rarely engage, and usually do so when I decide to force it on my wife…!! NOW, at Edward’s place, Judi was going to receive a train fuck of her bum…3 men, including Bennett, fucked my wife in her ass. Bennett shared that it was total pleasure…in spite of the need to use condoms. In fact, each man, when ready to ejaculate, pulled out, immediately removed their condom and spunked my wife’s back and hair…never a chance to do so in her face or mouth…the guys were all too ready to explode…!! Apparently, just as Bennett was first to engage my wife's bum, one of the younger lads bored waiting for his turn with Eleanor...came over to Judi... As she was being fucked, the lad lifted my wife's chin so to position his cock in her mouth. He was so wound up and ready, he never had the chance to slide it into her mouth. Rather, as he forced open Judi's lips, he jizzed across her face...some of his sperm entered Judi's mouth. Astonishingly...to the lad AND for Bennett, Judi swallowed whatever came into her mouth as Bennett continued to ram her derriere. It became one of the highlights of the night... The young gent was especially pleased...and promised to play with Judi again before party's end!

I asked Bennett if the young woman was ‘allowed’ to eat out my wife. Never happened…Eleanor was totally smashed…and simply became the cunny slut whenever one of the 7 or 8 guys attending wanted to fuck her. My wife, on the other hand, was allowed to ‘rest.’ Judi, too, was drunk BUT not to the extent they prepared the young woman for the evening. Turns out, Bennett became my wife’s “handler” of sorts…making sure Judi was only engaged one or two more times into the late night. Though he didn’t openly admit, I gathered Bennett got to use Judi a few more times…in some manner or another. I could easily see where his cock “rested” in my wife’s mouth…for a good part of the night… If I were him…and had Violet at my use…I’d be doing the same thing…;);) The young lad who had earlier tried to face fuck my wife came back to 'encore'...Bennett played it properly...told him..."another time...another time....you know where she works."

I knew Judi stayed at Bennett’s and Violet’s home that night…had thought there may have been a long business evening. As I learned, it was “business”…just a more personalized business! Bennett warned me that he thought Judi was back to old sexual habits…only months after settling back into more normalized sexual habits. None of us will ever end Judi’s habits to open her legs to a business proposition…nor to remove her liking for young cock. In fact, Bennett and I also see Judi becoming more engaged with ‘conquesting’ young lady pussy. Violet would like to meet up with Judi on her terms…however, given the network’s intricacy, Bennett and I share the concerns of any large scale group fuck events. Neither of us warrant the need for ‘Swing’ sex…too close…too much potential for neighborly and close business issues. HOWEVER, nor are we hypocrites! My wife likes to fuck around. I and Bennett enjoy “fucking around” albeit on more discrete terms. I plan to let my wife know about my knowledge of her recent “party.” I want to be solicitous…supportive…letting her know I’m always there as her hubby…watching her back…nearly 20 years of marriage prompts those feelings.

ALSO…to be again candid…I’d enjoy cuckolding on her during those fuck parties…AND would as much enjoy having my way with her younger, female partner too… Why not…!!