Written by David

5 Mar 2018

He always thought of her, Ev, as a wonderful woman! She was older than him and married, but with energy so young and passionate, he did not feel the difference of age. Her tight waist always attracted him, while her cute smile and eyes were adorable.

He was young entrepreneur, 182 cm tall, athletic and a with too much energy. Ladies found him charming, confident and playful, yet not all knew how crazy he can make them in bed.

They met again on a dinner. she was in a beatiful dress, he was ina suit. Business dinner was fine, lots of network chat and good food and all was quiet until drinks reception. They started talking about personal life and both let one secret slip out, they both enjoyed erotic literature. With more heated discussion he felt how his cock was getting harder and he was sure she is not calm as well. but the night was over and time for goodbyes....., or maybe not. She dragged into cab, he was obeying. they both knew what is going to happen.

Without saying a word they went to the hotel room. The door closes and bodies unite. he pulls her to him biting her soft lips. His hands on her waist, his cock is hard and his heart is beating. She felt tht 21 cm hard cock and could not wait to get it!

She dropped on her knees, smiles and lets her wet lips surround his head and then the shaft. His dominant site is awakening, clsing his eyes he just want to fuck her. Thats it! time to feel her warmth! pulling her up, with one movement she becomes naked and bende over the bed. For last 30 minutes he was waiting for it and now she is his! He slaps the ass and slide his already wet cock in her! All slides in deep without an effort. She grabs the sheet and moans.

Her body starts rocking with his hands on her waist and tits, kissing her back and neck. She moans louder with every push, going deeper and harder, making him even hornier. She cud never imagine how big he is and how hrd he can fuck. She wanted to look in his eyes when he owns her.

She turns on her back, legs on his shoulder, getting fucked harder and harder. She wanted it all without a mercy. He sucks her tits and feels how balls getting stiffer. His excitement over the roof and is not controllable. He whispers: " I am cumming!" She begs him to fill her! One more push and she can feel how the man feels her with a load. The excitement and feeling makes her orgasm, as she has not in years!

What a night both think, without saying another word.