Written by David

5 Mar 2018

Since the last time both could not stop dreaming fucking each other again. Although he could hold a secret, she told to her best friend, equally hot and naughty, but blonde. To her surprise, her friend was turned one and told to invite him to the drinks.

Relaxing at home he receives a message :"I am with my best friend in the city, wanna join for drinks? ;)"

He was tired, but agreed. He arrived for a glass of drink, but got two hot women teasing him and flirting. All night he was hard and ladies knew it very well. Her friend, Cara did not want the night end so asked if anyone lives central to grab another wine in home setting. He was living central and all of them knew it, so her invited them over. Comfy flat, girls sit on couch, he is in front of them. A glass of wine later, they whisper something, smile and start making out. He never had a threesome, he is turned on as he never imagined is possible. Their hot bodies touching each other, their soft mild moans were driving him crazy and were making his cok rip his pants.

They looked at him, walke closer! Ev, started kissing him and putting her tits between his lips, while Cara was hungry for a large cock and went down on her knees! He could not breathe and his mid was shut down! Without undressing, Sara sat on his hard cock, while Ev kept watching and drinking her wine. She knew his dominant side will take over soon. She was not wrong; soon Cara was bende over the armchair being slammed under large cock and a young strong guy! Ev's hands went down, she was wet... a lot! Opened her leg and waited for him. He pulled out of Cara, his hard all wet cock went in Ev without a doubt! All in, deep and hard. Sara was still breathless, and she slowed to her best friend slowly, grabbing her hair and kissing her.

Suddenly they stopped, took him to the bed and climbed on top. His cock and his tongue were busy. Girls were on top, turning him into sex machine. With loud moans he was getting ready to explode. Ladies felt his balls and body getting stiffer. Cara ordered him to fill her! Grabbing her waist he pulled her down sliding cock in her and exploding with a loud moan. Cara was happy, with large cock filling her, but cok was still hard. Ev took her turn to ride it! he breast were being sucked by Sara and she was orgasming! Her eyes were closed and he filled Ev too. Ladies went back to their wine relaxed and exhausted.

All would remember this naughty night and keep it a secret