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A birthday surprise

"My fwb surprised me by making one of my ultimate fantasies come true"

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For as long as I can remember I’ve had a sexy massage fantasy and every time I go get a full body massage I wonder whether it’ll be my lucky day, with the masseuse asking me to take off my underwear and massaging my cunt. It’s a fantasy I’ve mentioned to multiple partners, and it usually ends up with them giving me a half arsed massage before we fuck - nothing like the fantasies I have. 

It was my birthday, and I’d decided to visit Tom (my longtime FWB) for the weekend. I’d been really busy with work and he’d moved down to London so we hadn’t seen each other for a while. Knowing I’d been stressed he promised me a completely stress-free & relaxing long weekend. When I arrived at his flat on Friday evening, he had a bath and a bottle of wine ready for me. Whilst dinner was in the oven he came into the bathroom under the guise of ‘washing my back’, which quickly turned into a wet and soapy finger fuck. He asked if my bush needed a trim - something which he liked to do for me - and I got out of the bath so could he carefully shave my pussy, pulling my lips apart to catch the strays, leaving just a strip of hair. 

Over dinner he told me he had a surprise planned and I needed to be ready for 12. I tried to guess what it was but he would just say it was in the theme of relaxation. The next day we got into his car and he drove me to quite a modern office block. He told me which number to press and told me to call him when I wanted to leave. I pressed number and a woman’s voice asked my name. I gave it and the door buzzed open. ‘Floor 7’ she added, and I made my way to the lift. The hallway was bright and airy, and there was a concierge desk at the far end. I jumped in the lift and made my way upstairs, unsure as to what was about to happen. As I stepped out of the lift I was confused - this didn’t look like offices but apartments. As I approached the door number I’d been given, it opened and a tall, olive skinned woman with black wavy hair answered with a beaming smile. ‘Welcome, welcome’ she said, introducing herself. She ushered me into a room that had blackout blinds and dull lighting in the corners. There were string lights hanging from the ceiling and soft, spa music playing. In the centre of the room was a massage table. She pointed to a door in the room and told me that was a bathroom and that I could shower and then lay on the table face down with the towel covering me, and left the room. I’d never had to shower before a massage before but I went into the en suite and undressed, showered my body and dried myself off. There was a pair of paper knickers laid out on the side, so I put them on instead of my own and slipped onto the table.

She knocked at the door and asked if I was ready, then entered the room. I thought what she was wearing at first glance was a wrap dress but I could see now it was actually a silk dressing gown. She handed me a padded eye mask and asked me if I had any injuries or areas she should avoid during the massage. I said no. I put on the eye mask and she removed the towel from the top half of my body, exposing my paper undies.

She poured warm oil onto my back and began making big strokes all the way from the top of my bum to my neck. I could feel the oil stick to the paper knickers and wondered if they’d just disintegrate. After that, she covered my back up again and uncovered my legs, taking one at a time and rubbing the oil into my skin and massaging my feet. I was so relaxed at this point that I felt I could fall asleep. She gently asked me to lift my hips up and slotted a rolled up towel under me. The towel covering me was gone and this pushed my arse into the air, I felt exposed. She stood at my head and applied more oil to my back, this time pushing her hands down - past the small of my back, past the top of my bum, under the paper knickers and out towards my side. My arse cheeks parted and met again. I tensed slightly as she did it again - I wasn’t expecting this at all but it’s what I’d been dreaming of. She moved to my feet and softly said ‘the tantric part of your massage will begin now, so I’ll remove these’, pulling down the paper knickers. My cunt started to quiver. It was happening! I didn’t know what a tantric massage entailed, but I was keen to find out.

She poured oil onto my crack and it dripped from my arsehole down onto my pussy. She was massaging my inner thighs and arse, pushing her thumbs up to my slit, parting my pussy lips ever so slightly, then pulling her fingers up my lips and outwards. I could feel my cunt reacting - it was throbbing and tingly. Even though I was covered in oil I knew that I was wet. She kept pushing her hands up my thighs, sometimes she’d apply pressure to my lips and my clit would pop out between them and I’d let out a soft moan. My legs got further apart in the hope she’d slip her fingers into my cunt. She stroked my slit with her fingertips, up and down, alternating between pushing my lips together and lightly pinching each one in turn. Finally, she used her fingers to spread my cunt lips apart and began to delicately circle my clit. It was slow and rhythmic. Each time my breathing quickened, she would stop and focus on my whole pussy again - rubbing her hands from my clit backwards down my slit. She gently pushed her middle finger inside me and cupped my cunt with her hand and I let out a loud moan. She stayed still for a minute and told me to breathe deeply and slowly. My cunt was contracting around her finger involuntarily but I did as she asked. She removed her finger and pushed it back in again, this time placing her thumb on my arsehole. It twitched and she asked again for me to take some deep breaths. The next time she did this she pushed two fingers in my pussy and her thumb in my arse. After taking the deep breaths she didn’t remove them this time, but began rocking her hand back and forward. I couldn’t contain my moans or my cum. I could feel the juices dripping out of me as she wiggled her fingers. As she pulled her fingers out, I squirted quite a bit and instinctively closed my legs and apologised. She giggled and said it was fine, then asked me to turn over.

She took away the rolled up towel as I turned and began to massage my chest and arms. As she lifted my arm up I could feel my skin on hers, and realised she must be topless. My forearms grazed her tits - I didn’t know if I was allowed to touch her. I wondered if she was wearing underwear. She poured oil on my chest and began to massage my breasts. Pushing them together and gently squeezing my nipples before pushing her hands down towards my mound. I was glad Tom had tidied my bush the night before as she began to rub over the hair. She began to massage my leg, lifting it up and resting it on her bare shoulder. My pussy on full display, she pushed her hands down my thighs and stopped at my pussy lips, teasing me with a light trace before doing the same with my other leg. Both legs back on the table, she poured oil over my pussy again and began to rub my lips together, a bit more vigorously than before. Again she pushed a finger inside my cunt and asked me to breathe, this time with another hand on my stomach. She inserted another finger and started to rub my clit with her thumb. I moaned quietly as she began to move her fingers in and out slowly. I am an impatient soul and yearned for her to shove them in as fast as she could, but the rhythm of it felt so good. I could feel myself about to squirt again and I realised I was pinching my nipple. After a very slow finger fuck she mounted the table and straddled me. I could feel drips of oil over my legs - she oiled her tits and began rubbing them all over my body. My hands slid up and down her thighs, i very timidly asked if I was allowed to do that and she said that I could do anything I felt comfortable with. My hands moved further up her body and I could feel she was wearing underwear. I cheekily slid my hands behind it and rubbed her bum.

After rubbing her tits up and down my body, she turned to face the other way. I pushed the eye mask up and let my eyes adjust - a tiny thong separated me and her pussy. She began to finger me again, so I decided to do the same and slowly slipped my finger inside her cunt. It was already wet but I licked my finger and stuck it in again. She moaned, moved back slightly and buried her head in my pussy, licking my clit as she fingered my hole. She was slurping loudly as a steady stream of cum dribbled out of me. She sat up slightly and asked me to turn over again. She got off the table and I flipped onto my front.

She asked me to bend my knees but keep my chest on the table, so my arse and pussy were on display. She began massaging my inner thighs again before pushing her fingers inside me as she’d done before. Two in my pussy. She started to stroke my thighs and arse with her other hand, occasionally pushing the tip of a finger into my arsehole. My cunt was pulsing as she upped the tempo of the finger fuck. My whimpers and moans had become louder as I felt myself close to orgasm. She’d had me close so many times then stopped just beforehand, I was aching for it. Her fingers moved inside me and hit all the right spots and I started to move my hips in line with her finger thrusts. My cunt closed around her fingers as I came and pussy juices leaked out of me down my leg onto the table. My legs collapsed as she pulled her fingers out, bringing on another spray of cum, and I started to catch my breath. I couldn’t quite believe that it’d happened, an actual fantasy ticked off the list. She covered me in a clean towel and rubbed her hands over my body. She quietly told me to take my time showering and leaving the room, and I could leave the same way I came in. I thanked her and smiled and left the room, robe in hand. I watched her arse as she left the room and regretted not pulling her onto my face when she was straddling me.

I was shaky as I got up, I got showered and dressed quickly. I didn’t wash my hair, which by now resembled a birds nest, and I didn’t reapply my makeup. A group of men in suits got in the lift from the 4th floor and they looked at me - they seemed to make eyes at each other as though they knew where I’d been. Maybe I was just being paranoid. I called Tom, who had been waiting for me in a nearby cafe. An ulterior motive for him planning this is that he got to hear about it in great detail for the whole weekend, and he got a blowjob in the car as he drove us home to show my gratitude. It’s the best birthday present I’ve ever received!

Written by Anonymous

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