Written by Raphaella

5 Sep 2018

During my latest visit to London in June I booked a hotel near Kensington Gardens as I was expecting my husband to join me in the coming week for a business meeting he would have in Camden. He had told me that he would wish to have a sexy encounter with me and someone else, this else being in his opinion a single and lovely female.

I was not sure that i would find someone to cater for our mutual needs within the coming week and said I would endeavour to do it and would dig the subject !

Not loosing time I decided to visit a women's club in Soho although it was on a sheer voyeur interest for I am over 60yo and would certainly interest no one by now.

It was on a Friday night. After paying the entrance fee and dropped my coat at the boudoir, I headed to the dancing floor. I asked the assistant whether it was the night for ladies like me and in view of her grin I took it that indeed I was too old for this kind of game. Nevertheless with the hope I would get something for my money I ordered a drink at the bar and stayed off the dancing floor looking like an idiot holding my glass and not knowing what to do next.

There was by now a crowd of young ladies dancing, talking to each other, sipping their drinks or hiding in the cubicles and not paying attention to me.

Finally I heard a voice behind me and turning round saw this younger girl of about 25 but the music was loud and could not understand a word of what she was saying. So she came up closer and stucks her mouth against my hear repeating her words, that is her invitation to start a conversation unless i wanted to carry on looking to my glass !!

We agreed that we would better go astray and find a seat in a quiet place but did not find any. As the music turned to be a slow dance she asked if I would like to dance with her. I was happy to note that at long last someone was showing kind of interest to me.

We put our drinks on a table and headed to the floor but she dragged me to the center pulling my hand firmly as if she would not like to be recognised or unless she was shy perhaps

Helen was her name that she whispered in my hear, age 25 and said bluntly that she liked mature women like me and had noticed me the moment I walked out of the boudoir. We started a very liberated conversation. At that moment having that smell of her chanel fragrance in my nostrils I was starting to wonder if the rest of the night would be attractive, I would say ! And at the moment there was a kind of wetness rolling down under my belly.

It was a funny situation because we were talking like old grandmas about bit and pieces whereas we were just thinking of naughty things we would certainly do together. because after all we knew what we were here for.