Written by funfun1125

18 Nov 2010

just a short story about me and rachel!! well me and rachel were starting to have regular encounters together, i remember we were staying at hers and we had invited a group of people round, we were all sitting in the lounge, some people in couples had started kissing each other, another couple we touching each other and we could all see after a while i innocently went upstairs to the toilet when i came out rachel was standing on the landing just in her underwear and grabbed my hand she pulled me into her room and started kissing me really passionately before pushing me on to her bed she climbed on top of me we were really going for it kissing and running our hands all over our bodies, i had my hand inside her pants and i could feel how dripping wet her pussy was, i didn't know what had made her so horny but she really wanted it we were touching each other and she had stripped me down to my underwear i now was so turned on and i saw her delight when she pulled her hand out of my tiny thong and saw my pussy juices all over her fingers she started to rub my tits and i could see the glisten on them from where my pussy juice had been on her fingers i pulled her tits out of her bra and took her hard nipples in my mouth and sucked them, she let out a moan of delight, i slid my hands down and fingered her until she came on my fingers we lay there for about 10 minutes when we remembered we had guest and needed to go when we got up someone moved away from the door so someone had been watching and to this day we have no idea who.