Written by dellyboy77

30 Jul 2011

This is my first entry on here what you are about to read is 100% true i dont believe in writing fanciful nonsense,it probably seems long winded but worth it in the end.

Myself and the missus sometimes like a bit of fun dogging mostly although not that often,we arnt hardened swingers by any means,and had never had anyone round for any fun at ours.

By complete chance i met up with a close friend of my childhood at a funeral about 3 years ago,now both 47 we had not seen each other since about the age of 13,but really she hadnt changed a great deal,although she had a lovely pair of tits,she had never married no kids and lived with her elderly mother.

Anyway she started to pop over the odd evening for a drink and to catch up,sometimes i would be at work as i worked nights,the chat between sally and my missus became pretty open and sally was told all about our little dogging adventures,which seemed to get her attention,my missus revealed she was bi-curious but had never played with another fem,as it turned out sally had an eye for the ladies,so i think a little flirting took place,on the times i wasnt there,then around last september i got a txt off sally out of the blue saying she had made up her mind and wanted some fun with us,so a night was arranged i went over picked her up,she was dressed in white blouse short black skirt and black hold ups,i will say at this point she had a thing for st trinians,so dressed the same for us.

She wanted my missus dressed the same so brought over a skirt for her,after a couple of drinks they sat together on the sofa sally parted her legs revealing no knickers and a smooth shaven fanny,then she leaned over and started to kiss missus,this was going to be good,then before i could get involved sally got her tie and i was told my hands were to be tied up and i couldnt touch not yet anyway,what a tease that was.

So i had to watch them both strip and play with each other first with a raging hard on and couldnt do anything,finally my hands were set free,i stripped pretty damn quick,and had my cock sucked and balls licked by two mouths wow what an experience that is,i watched them suck each others tits missus is 40d,sallys must have been around the same,fingered each other,i fingered them both and gave both a good licking,and after a good night fucked both of them,unbelievable night but no repeat as yet.