Written by a woman that found another woman

31 Jul 2010

Hi this all started when my husband left me I am still getting divorced and living alone I am 33 and your arrearage sort of woman not out standing in any way I don't think

I am still looking for a job so make ends meet I had a few cash jobs in pubes the last one which I am doing is a big pub not a lot in the day time but at night it can get packed and you are rushed off your feet

IT was a month ago one of them nights it was full it was non stop all night you get the blokes coming on to you all the time or given you hard time over there drinks and thing like that going on

I had a woman standing at my end of the bar a long time I couldn't get down to her when I did I said sorry she smiled and said that okay din't think much of it at the time but she was back in no time at the end watching me I served her and she stayed there looking she stopped there a long time eyeing me up

Next day I was doing afternoons I came in and did my till she was sitting at a table then came and sat at the bar I would said she was fifty well dressed more a business type of woman I would of said well spoken and quite nice she got a conversation going we not got many punters in so it was nice to talk to some one that's not coming on to you or drunk

We got on quite well thinking about she left after an hour or so my shift was coming to an end by the evening and there she was on the stool I went to serve her and got a big smile and hello I told her when another girl came in I was finished she said would I like a drink with her after I left off

I was about to go and the woman June her name said how about that drink okay then lets sit at a table I need to put my feet up some how they killing me

We sat down I had my feet up beside June I said god that better she stated to rub them it did feel good the bar was filling up by now and she said lets go some where alas we ended up with us having a meal and June made sour I had quite a bit to drink by then

Some how we got a taxi to her flat by the time we got there she had a arm round me and I was leaning on her shoulder feeling quite happy

In the flat which was done out very nice I was sitting on the couch with another drink in my hand and June sitting very close to me joking and laughing she took my glass and put it down looked at me and kissed my cheek I didn't move she moved her mouth over my lips and kissed me this trued into a real kiss this time real tongue in mouth that took my breath away she squeezed one of my breasts as we kissed which made my nipple stiffen

We started kissing like lovers she played with, my by now very hard nipples and tits her dress had bunched up round her thighs and I could see she had stockings on

As this happened she moved me round to more laying back with one of her knees between my legs as we kissed she pushed her knee right up into my crouch parting my legs I could hide it how damp she made me with out saying any thing she lifted her self off me taken my hand she led the way to the bedroom

We stood by her bed as she undressed me slowly she was getting her close off at the same time I was soon down to my knickers and bra with my breasts hanging out she lifted them out on the couch she had only stocking on by now she undid my bra and with a push I was on the bed my feet on the floor she bent down and took hold of my pants I lifted my bum and she pulled them off

June came over me and we kissed it was a long one her hand went between my legs and two fingers slipped inside me god was I wet this is first sex I had in a year and did she know how to work her fingers I climaxed in no time we rolled onto the bed she was all over my body licking biting kissing I was moaning and gasping like I had never done in my life she went down on me nibbled my clit and tongued me I was overwhelmed with a orgasm

We lay in each other's arms for ages with out thinking about it seemed natural for me to do it I started to exploit her body feeling touching June lay back as if she knew what I was doing I had got down to her lower regions her pussy was shaved smooth as I moved round to lick her I sore her clitoris it was huge like a little dick almost my tongue touch it and moved it I licked the end and it twitched my mouth went right over it and I sucked and lick it swelled in my mouth and got longer with two fingers I pulled it hood back it was now so large I could suck it which I did for a long time she arched her back and climaxed I then worked two fingers into a very wet sticky pussy June told me to fuck her hard I had four fingers in her going as hard and fast as I could yess yess yess she cry and she socked my hand

We hugged and cuddled for a time and talked I told her about myself and this being my first sex in a year she smiled and kissed me and got out of bed opened a drawer taken some thing out with back to me parsing straps round her thighs and waist

She turned to face me she had strapped on a huge dildo it looked like a man's cock but bigger as she moved it bobbed about as I was saying its to big she stopped me by saying it be fine trust me we lay together and kissed I could feel this thing coming up past my stomach button June moved down me sucking each nipple on the way fingering me as well

She was on her knees between my legs lifting this huge latex monster up to my pussy

I was so hot the lips where parted and very wet she rubbed the end up and down my lips looking for my opening then pushing the end down as it went in I gasped as it stretched me June said relax as she pushed it had entered my body and was sinking into me I got a pain and must of yelped she pulled back then jerked her hips with short thrusts and it slid in further I was going Jesus as it filled me up I have never had any thing like that inside me before I has started to pant she was coming over me by now and had lifted my legs with her I parted them in the air was wide as I could to try and help it must of been the deepest it would go by now she lay on top of me still then pulled back I gasped out loud she pushed it back in with a lot of pain it bottomed out back out to thrust in and she repeated this and it got easier it was getting it past my cervix that was painful the pleasure had started and June knew it this was her thing I could see that now she was riding me like a true woman stud she really enjoyed doing it

I had started to climax June seemed as if she was as well she was very athletic the way she was riding me like a man but better the more I shouted with orgasm after orgasm the harder she went I had a huge climax and squirted all over us and the bed some thing that never happened before I must of past out next thing she is pulling it out of me I felt empty and a bit sore inside I told her I loved her we held each other