Written by a woman that found alot

7 Aug 2010

Hi I told you how I ended up in bed with another woman (June) I never dreamed any thing like that would ever happen never thought I was or could be lesbian or bisexual

I woke up in a strange bed with another woman both of us naked as the mist in my head cleared from the vodkas of the night before I had been quite tipsy I think, bits came back to of what happened so did a sick feeling of guilt and embarrassment

I looked over to the bed side table to see what time it was and there was laying there a huge looking dildo with its leather straps hanging down oh my god it came back to me

How it had been used on me my pussy did feel a little tender hell how could I ever taken that thing inside of me and worse still what I did to her I could still taste her in my mouth

As all the thoughts where going throe my head June wake up and lifted her self up so she was more sitting her breasts exposed hanging over the covers, she said morning darling with a big smile on her face, as I looked at her I could see two love bites on her neck I must of put there

She leaned over and kissed me it was no peck on the cheek a full on kiss why did my mouth open and why did I kiss her back I don't know but I did

I pulled away saying I need a pee okay babe its over there she said I was sitting there in mid stream and She came in as if it was was an every day thing she said I need one to taken some tissue off the roll as I finished her hand came down and wiped my pussy

As I got up to let her go I looked in the mirror I could see I also had a love bit on my neck and one on each breast as I was look June said we both got carried was with them didn't we I also had reddish marks on the inside of my thighs she said its the harness sorry it always do that if I have your legs on my shoulders

As we went back into the bedroom her hand on my bum one finger went under me and touch my pussy as we got to the bed she asked that okay not sore, I said no no it did feel a little tender at first but all right now, given me a sex simile said good

I looked at her body for a woman in her fifty's she had a very nice figure her breasts looked heavy hanging down with large dark nipples her stomach was flat any weight she had was on her hips and bum which wasn't a lot at all for a woman her age her crutch was smooth shaved she had large shaped pelvic mound stood out a little higher than mine with lump at the top which I remembered had the hood over her very large clitoris more like a male dick with fleshy lips hanging under her in the gap between her legs as she got on the bed I got a real good view as her legs parted

She patted the bed and told me to get on it with her, I should of got my clothes and left but I didn't as I joined her her arm came round me to hold my breast as we cuddled

We talked for a long time she asked how I felt she was very nice and I was starting to get aroused at the same time all my inhibitions had gone we got into a snogging session which I loved strange how it seemed so very natural and normal the last time I had sex was over a year ago with my EX and his five inches of manhood and last night ten inches of latex woman cock with bumps ridges all over it and as fat as my wrist strapped to a woman that road me better than he ever did

By now we where both on our knees facing each other legs apart fingering each other as hard as we could I was pushed onto my back as June straddled my head she came down over my face her huge clitoris sticking out I sicked licked it pulled with my lips on it as she climaxed over my face she fingered me as hard as could at the same time I was arching up to meet her lifting off the bed we where going at it like mad things

She jumps off me grabs the strap-on and puts it on back on the bed stuffs a pillow under my bum to lift me and jams the monster into me I lift my legs in the air as wide apart as I can get them she slam it into me then back out to go in with more force this time I am

screaming with pain and pleaser she screaming take it bitch this time it go's all the way I yelp and squeal out loud she starts to ride me like a mad thing stops and flips me over to my knees and takes me from behind my tits swing she slaps my bum cheeks very hard she is sweating and panting over my back I am having climax after climax my body stiffens and shakes its like I am pissing my self as I cum with a huge orgasm then fall onto my tummy

I know now I want more of this I have never had sex like this with any man and I know that June is taken the male roll that how she gets off the look on her face said it all