Written by Girl1982

14 Sep 2007

I'm a 25 year old woman and not ashamed to say I love sex, but people do judge - that's why I love this site - I can be myself and make no apologies!

I just had my first car park dogging fun - quite by accident and now I want more!

I had to go up North for a meeting and decided to drive up the night before and stay in a hotel. But as I was nearly there I was so tired and stiff I decided to stop somewhere and stretch my legs.

I pulled off the motorway and into a dark car park. I was on my own so didn't plan to stay long as it was a bit creepy but as I got out to stretch, I noticed a few other cars.I saw a van parked on the opposite side of the car park, front facing me but the doors were wide open at the back. I could see a few people milling about.

Curiosity got the better of me, especially after reading the stories on this site so I wandered over, at a safe distance.

When I got closer I hung back in the shadows,a bit embarrassed but to my utter delight, I could see a well hung guy banging a pretty blonde for all he was worth in the back of the van while three men watched.

The sight got me so horny. He was taking her doggy style, and I could see her lovely pert tits bouncing back and forth, a look of delight on her face.

I stepped forward for a closer look, just as the guy came. As they pulled apart the girl noticed me. I thought she was going to tell me to eff off but she beckoned me over.

I threw caution to the wind - and stepped forward.

A big smile on her face, she leant out of the van and kissed me - my first girl on girl kiss and it was amazing. I was so turned on so I didn't resist when she pulled me into the van. As she kissed me she began to rub my tits, opening my shirt for a better feel. I began to touch her too - I was in heaven and the guys watching outside didn't mind either!

SHe stripped me down to my underwear and laid me down on the duvet they had on the floor of the van. She opened my legs so the guys could get a good view, hooked aside my underwear and began to rub my now dripping pussy.She pushed two fingers inside me, still kneeling to my side so the guys could see and began to frig me. I was so wet!

After a while she bend her head over and started to lick my pussy for all it was worth, suckng on my hard clit, licking every inch of me.

She pulled up just as I was about to cum - I was so disappointed and she turned around for a sec. When she turned back she had a huge black dildo in her hand, bigger than I had ever seen or used.

Slowly she started to rub it on my pussy, pushing it gently inside me until I was screaming in delight.

I have never felt so horny in my entire life, it felt so good and so naughty with the guys watching and wanking.

As she pounded my pussy with this monster I began to cum - harder than I'd ever cum before.

The guys watching even cheered!

After I cam she kissed me, thanked me and helped me dress before I walked dazed back to my car - I couldn't believe it.

But I got her phone number and we're planning to meet up soon. She says she has a lot more to show me and I'm more than willing to let her!