1 Jan 2018

We walked to the restaurant with an arm around each other, me with my hand on her bum feeling her thong as she swayed along. Being a jeans and shirt sort of person, she said that she felt so sexy dressed as she was tonight.

We got to the Italian and were shown to our table (which was in a secluded corner), ordered our drinks and then perused the menu. We didn’t bother with a starter and quickly decided on our mains. As we waited for the food to come out Dee slipped a shoe off and put her stocking clad foot in my lap. She asked if I had anything planned for the rest of the evening? I told her to wait and see how it panned out but I was sure she was going to enjoy herself (I certainly was).

Main course finished Dee excused herself and went to the toilets. On her return she bent down as she passed me, giving me a kiss and pressed something into my hand. It was her sexy little lace thong. Instant hard on as it dawned on me that the sexy little MILF opposite me was sitting there with a bare pussy. She was certainly starting to show another (sexy) side to her quiet, shy nature. I put the thong on the table next to my glass and when the waitress brought our desserts out she could plainly see what was lying there. She gave us both a knowing smile, which made Dee blush to her roots.

As we finished the meal I received a text from the black guy who was supposed to be seducing Dee later on, apologising profusely and cancelling our meet due to unforeseen circumstances. Damn. No time to arrange something else now so it was going to be just us two. No problem because no doubt it would still have a sexy ending.

The waitress, a lovely little thing with short blonde hair cleared our table and made small chat, asking where we were planning on going next, all the time smiling at Dee. Told her we had no real plans but I was thinking of going to The Fox (a lesbian bar), this went straight over Dee’s head but our waitress smiled, picked up Dee’s thong, putting it in the pocket in the front of her apron, saying “ I might see you in there later on then”. We decided to hit the town and Dee stood up, coming round to my side with her back to the rest of the clientele. I slid my hand up her stockinged leg to find a very wet, smooth pussy which I slipped three fingers into. I told her to be bend down and put my fingers to her mouth, telling her to taste her own juices, which she duly did. I paid the bill, giving a good tip and as we left checked the bottom of the receipt “ you were served by Steph ”.

We walked along to the gay quarter and into The Equator Bar which was heaving with TVs (this being the night of The Birmingham Belles). Some were very sexy and convincing and some really should’ve known better. Dee was fascinated by all these people around her. She’d never met a tranny before let alone been in a bar full of them. We managed to get a seat on one of the low sofas and Dee struggled not to flash her bare pussy as she sat down (not that she cared by now). We chatted to some of the T girls before I suggested we move on to another bar. As we walked we discussed what she’d seen and to my delight she wasn’t at all fazed by it (I’ll come clean to her one day about knowing it was the Belles night and that was one of the reasons for us being there).

I steered her around the corner to The Fox bar. The place was rammed with TVs and dozens of women who ranged from teenagers right up to the more “mature” ladies all having a great time. We found a seat in the beer garden at the back of the bar and I went to get the drinks in. When I returned Dee asked if this was by any chance a lesbian bar as most of the women in there appeared to be couples and were showing signs of affection for each other. I owned up and admitted and said I hoped it wasn’t a problem. Thankfully she was cool with it.

A couple of drinks later I spotted Steph our waitress looking around the crowd and called her over. She had another lady with her, a tall, middle aged brunette who had her arm around her as they came and joined us. She introduced her friend as Terri. I offered to get the drinks in and left them to their “hellos”. Upon my return from the bar Dee was deep in conversation with the girls and I noticed Steph had her hand on Dee’s leg, stroking her stocking top. I just sat back and enjoyed the developing situation as Dee parted her legs giving Steph access to her pussy. Steph then turned her face to Dee and gave her a big full on kiss and Dee willingly responded. I sat there transfixed as my FWB who’d never been with another woman before (she claimed) was giving a very public show of affection for her new friend. Terri decided she wasn’t going to be left out and moved to Dee’s other side and held her hand before turning her head and also giving her a very affectionate kiss.

There was a lot of whispering going on and then Dee anounced that we were all going back to the hotel for a drink with her new friends. We left the bar Dee arm in arm with her girl friends and me walking behind enjoying the view, wondering if this was really happening.

I was told to hand over the spare room card and they would see me back at the hotel after I’d been to the late night supermarket for a bottle or two of wine. Told them I wouldn’t be too long and to behave themselves. Waved them off and into the shop I went. You wouldn’t believe the queues in those places when you’re in a rush lol.

I’ve rambled on for long enough no so, time for a break and I’ll continue this story later on if anybody’s interested.