Written by Lucy

28 Feb 2008

Continuing from my chance meeting with karen and louise by the river in devon last summer....i promised to tell the stroy of my day at the stables with them

In anticipation of a days horse riding i decided jeans and t shirt was the best attire, and thats all!!!, bra and knickers left well and truly in the drawer.....For the record i can well and truly recommend tight jeans and no knickers, who needs toys with that feeling?

I arrived at the stables to be greeted with a long passiontae kiss fron louise who took me by the hand to meet karen who was grooming her horse.

Karen and Louise had decided to make me riding and quickly 3 horses were prepared for a day in the saddle.

I pulled myself up into the saddle and boy the feeling in my pussy was soooo good, especially without the panties...karen lead the way out of the yard, and soon we were riding lazily through the devon country side, soon out on moorland Karen said ok seems secluded enough, and without any further discussion karen and louise dismounted and were soon undressing each other.....We love to ride naked they said, and i was instructed to follow suit?

Well, sitting in a saddle naked in the fresh air is definitly something to be recommended as rode of into the green fields, by this time my nipples were very hard and i was feeling very horny.

Can we rest for a while i gasped, Karen and Louise agreed.

Can we help you relax they said?......... and soon they were kissing and caressing every part of my body, i was in heaven once again