Written by Julie

17 May 2010

I am a happily married mid thirties with a fantasy.

I am in the kitchen clearing up after a BBQ where as usual the men hold court by the grill when my very good friend Sarah wearing a little pair of shorts is stacking the dishwasher. She is bent over the washer and her arse is ripe like a peach. I slap her to get a reaction and she likes it so I go straight for it and start rubbing her pussy on top of her shorts. She groans and stands up against the sink after and I tease my fingers into her shorts pulling her panties to one side and start rubbing her wet clit with my fingers and finger fuck her she is gasping for more trying to grab at me all the while but I am loving being in control. I let her play with my ample breats shes been jealous of for some time. I can feel her clit tenseing in my fingers and she comes in my hand with some running out to the edge of her panties she says her hubbie lick it out later. I dont let her touch me maybe next time as I know there will be a next time ....... This is a very new fantasy but one that gets me very wet and leaves me with the urge masturbate. I have not told my husband for fear he would think bad of me.