Written by Gerri

9 Mar 2015

This is part 2 to my story if you remember I had some serious Girl on Girl action during a overnight flight from Singapore.

We exchanged numbers and we arranged a meet in a nearby hotel close to Victoria train station, we had a few phone calls to fine tune the overnight fun.

I told my boyfriend that I was going to a works seminar for the night, he was ok as he was going to have a catch up with friends.

I was getting turned on packing my overnight bag , I decided to pack stockings and suspenders with light blue french knickers and a naughty push op bra to show off my boobs.

I got to the hotel about 2pm, checking in was quick I told the receptionist my friend would be coming and I gave her , her name.

The room was lovely I unpacked my bag and helped myself to a double vodka from the room mini bar.

I got a phone call from my lady lover , she asked me to come down to the hotel bar , I told her I in my dressing gown relaxing and I would be down as soon as possible I know this was a lie but it gave me time to put my sexy undies on .

I was getting turned on getting dressed and with a final lick of mascara and my favorite heels I was ready , as I entered the bar I was looking around and she waved at me.

She had ordered me a glass of champagne , we said hello with a warm hug and soft kiss on the cheek, over the next few hours and plenty more drinks we chattered away, she looked sexy and there was still the odd touch here and there.

We finished our drinks and we walked to the lift and a few moments later we were in my room, she asked to use my bathroom to freshen up and I poured us a drink from the mini bar.

She sat next to me on the bed and moved in for a kiss, I responded and my hands went for her breasts we started removing our clothes with lust in our minds , I pulled off her skirt and she was wearing stay up stockings and white hipster style panties , she then helped me out of my skirt and she commented on my French knickers.

We caressed on the bed in our undies , I removed her bra and panties and while licking her nipples I found her wet juicy pussy , with the alcohol my head was filled with pleasing my lover , I moved down to her trimmed pussy and licked away , god she was hot , she moaned and pushed my mouth onto her cunt, she vocally told me what to do , she asked me to finger her as I was licking she then asked me to finger her arse , something I've never been keen of but I was over the edge and with a finger in her pussy and one up her arse and licking her clit she came to a full on shaking orgasm.

We hugged and kissed then she took off my bra and eased down my knickers , she licked my nipples which I love then she made her way to my cunt and found my clit with ease, with licking and loud sucking I was loving it , she then changed into the 69 position , I wasn't complaining I grinded my pussy into her mouth , then I felt a slap on my arse , not hard she asked did I like a slap on my arse I said be gentle ....

We carried on our licking and sucking and I came so hard I spurted .

The rest of the night and in the morning we explored each other's body's I was in girl / girl heaven.

She also introduced me to other sex things I had not tried , she rimmed my arse hole something I have never done , not even with my boyfriend , she tried fingering my arse which was nice and my favorite was she spanked my arse with her flat hair brush which I loved and she wanted me to spank her .

She said she loves arse play and on our next meet she has some sex toys she wants to my holes......including a thick strap on.

My head is spinning with my new lover she is opening up my inhibitions and I am free to be her toy and I will full fill her passions.

I do love my BF but my night with my girl lover is filling my head with fantasies.

I was in work today and I was having sex thoughts I went to the ladies and finger fucked my self to orgasm.

I can't wait for my next visit .........she has hinted in meeting a girl friend of hers for a 3some ...........what have I done .......what do I do ?