Written by Bi girl

23 Aug 2014

hi there, my name is sofie and ive been married for 20 years.so i do like my fitness and go to a lot of spinning classes and body combat classes several times a week.i think im in good shape for a 48 year old.my sex life is very dull with my husband,the usual he bangs me for about a minute then shoots his load then rolls over and goes to sleep,super dull.

I tend to play with myself most days with a few toys. recently ive been thinking of other ladies whilst playing with myself which is a first but i an very curious to feel another pussy in my hand. at my club some of the regulars were going out for a drink so i said id go just to get away from the norm. we went to a restaurant in wimbledon sat down and started having a right laugh.i was sitting next to a young lady called simona who was very attractive lady,nive tits and arse.we always got on well in the classes so i was looking to have a great night.so the first course had gone and the drink was flowing and some of the chat was getting a bit risky but i was loving it and so was simona.she rubbed my leg at one point which gave me a buzz in my pussy,i made no attempt to move her hand.as the night went on i took a risk and put my hand on simona leg and rubbed it,as i was about to move my hand away she grabbed it and kept it on her leg. i couldnt believe it,what was i doing!!!! i was so horny now i thought id push my luck and go up her leg to which she didnt object. my hand was now inches from her pussy on the top of her thigh.as this was happening the bill came out so i had to get my hand away.

Bill payed we decided to go our seperate ways,i stayed as close to simona as i could hopefully carrying on what we started,she was thinking the same as she asked if i fancied sharing a cab,i jumped at the chance. as we pulled away simona turned and kissed me on the lips which i reacted by sticking my tongue in her mouth,it was getting very steamy in here.i couldnt resist and put my hand straight on her crutch and started rubbing her very moist pussy,it felt so good.her hands was on my breasts rubbing them gently which were so tender. i pulled her knickers to the side and inserted a finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her.i started kissing her neck whilst finger fucking her,it wasnt long before she was close to climax so i inserted another finger in and quickened my tempo up and she came hard.i was so horny i thought i was going to explode. as this was happening we were both completely oblivious to the fact that rthe cab had stopped and the driver was just watching what was going on,very imbarrasing but i didnt give a shit.wed pulled up outside simona house so we paid the cabby and went towards her flat.....