Written by Sara

19 Feb 2017

This is a very true story that caught me very off guard as in I never thought I would cross the female divide. I’m 45 divorced and my children are grown up and got their own places and I have a great relationship with them and their friends. My name is Sara I’m reasonably attractive, 34B, size 10 with short red hair and about 5ft7 and I have always attracted the wrong type of guys.

I have my own place and successful in my job I must admit I do miss the company living alone I occasionally have visits from my daughters who are great company. I was talking about this to my daughter Rosie who instantly suggested letting her friend Lisa stay she wasn’t just Rosie’s friend she was one of her ex-girlfriends and like my daughter very bi which put me off a little as Lisa had made a pass at me at a party but I put her off.

I said to Rosie I don’t know straight away she said your scared have being in the house with her because she’s bi and had a crush on you before I said no ring her tell her she can have a 3 month trial and then see what happens. So the next day Lisa moved in was very polite and flirty with me which unnerved me a little but was ok Lisa is about 5ft 4 short dark hair about size 10 with slightly bigger boobs than me and quite attractive.

The first night I made my excuses and went to bed early to watch TV, she also said she was going up to bed I could hear her showering then get in bed then a few minutes later I could hear a buzzing sound and soft moans at first I wasn’t sure so I got up to check and could see the door slightly open and Lisa pleasuring herself. I went back to my room and couldn’t get that vision out of my head and couldn’t help but masturbate over the thought of Lisa this felt me feeling a little confused.

The next morning was a Saturday I got up and showered and bumped into Lisa me being half naked not being used to sharing the house it felt a little awkward at first I could feel Lisa looking at my body at this stage my nipples were erect and I felt quite aroused all over I smiled and scurried off to get dressed. I shared breakfast with Lisa feeling a little awkward but she broke the ice and said I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, I said its fine you didn’t really but started to see her in a different way.

I shared a bottle of wine with her over a pub lunch and my guard came down and were more relaxed, Lisa said great tits by the way I just blushed and not sure why I said it but your tits are far nicer. Lisa laughed and said we will have to compare tits when we get home I said right your we just sat there smiling and I was thinking did I really say that. Lisa moved closer and said would you complain if I made a pass at you again I blushed and said no she leaned over and gave me a little peck on the cheek.

We grabbed a bottle of wine to share at home and walked the short distance home. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but was willing as we entered the house we kissed for what seemed ages next to the door. Lisa guided me upstairs and undressed me in between sensual kisses lay me on the bed where we kissed for an eternity her hands probing my wet pussy which felt utterly amazing. She sensually kissed my neck and circled my nipples with her tongue slowly nibbling and sucking my nipples I was moaning with total pleasure. I felt her tongue moving down my stomach kissing nibbling sucking erotically then I nearly exploded as her tongue worked my lips and her fingers probing deep I orgasmed so loudly and my whole body shuddered.

Then Lisa lay on top of me grinding her pussy against mine kissing I had never experienced this level of passion. Lisa was matching my groans as we shared the most amazing explosion of juices. We lay in each other’s arms fondling and touching and under guidance I learnt to pleasure Lisa with my tongue. We lay like lovers then my phone went asking how the trial was going with Lisa and Rosie jokingly said I hope Lisa has not seduced you yet I laughed and said wouldn’t you like to know. Rosie said oh my god mum you have oh wow I’m coming round to see you lezzas oh mum can’t believe it I just laughed but wow what a great lodger.