Written by Rachel

10 Feb 2010

Hi my name is rachel, i am 24 and i have just had my first lesbian encounter.

I am 5ft 5 tall and a size 10/12 with 34B boobs and although my bum and hips are a little bigger than i would like, i do have a good figure. I have straight, shoulder length dark hair and i always try to look good. I've been going to the gym for a while now and ever since since i started i have been watching the girls in the gym, or watching them get changed after.

I was fascinated looking at different size boobs and i loved catching a glimpse of a shaved pussy. I also found myself watching the girls in the shower and to be honest i was desperate to have sex with one of them. I have always found girls really sexy but have always been to scared to approach anyone.

Well, there is a girl at the gym who also teaches in some of the clases, she does body combat, aerobics etc and she also teaches kick boxing. When me and my friend were getting changed after a work out one night, i said i was going to dive in the shower and jenny said, wow, your brave zoe is in the shower ! i asked her what she meant, and jen said that zoe was Bi and was always eyeing up the girls....heaven, i couldnt get in the shower quick enough! Zoe is about 5ft 8, and a size 12 ish with great legs and she is very pretty with lovely long straight blonde hair with highlights.

I walked over and dived in the shower next to her, and i did notice that she was watching me. i looked at her too, she was so fit and toned. She has bigger boobs than me and was about a dress size larger than me but was obviously very fit.

I started to wash and i found myself soaping my boobs and body whilst turnes toward her...and she was definately looking at me....i was so turned on ! I got out of the shower and went home with jen as horny as fuck and i was determined that she was going to have me !

Over the next few nights, i would always try to get changed at the same time as her, and i also started going occasionally without jenny so i could see her. I dedcided to join her kick boxing class and get closer to her. It was really hard and my muscles ached afterwards...but not as much as my pussy did, i really wanted her to take me!

After one of our classes i was getting changed and i was so shattered i could barely lift my arms up, but got undressed and headed for the shower, zoe was next to me again. I saoped my boobs and made sure i was facing her making a real show of it sliding my hands all over my soapy body in front of her, she didnt take her eyes off me and my pussy and nipples were throbbing.

I told zoe how much she had mad me ache with the workout and she just laughed at me and said oh dont worry rachel...we'll soon have you fit. I managed to dry myself and zoe was doing her hair when i said to her that i couldnt put my top on cause my arms were numb, so she came over to help...i was totally naked at this point and so was she.

She picked up my top to help me put it on and said what about your bra rachel ? i said oh i'll leave that off i cant be bothered. Zoe was now in front of me and was blatently staring at my boobs. I lifted my arms and she helped me put on my top but as she did it her hand brushed my nipple...oh my god talk about an electric shock ! they hardened immediately !!

Zoe then went back to doing her hair and watched giggling as i pulled on my thong jeans and socks with great difficulty. I made sure that we were ready at the same time and we walked out togetherand i made the comment again about being stiff and tight...and she said well why dont you come over to mine and i'll give you a massage and take out the knots ? i said oh that would be fab and i could see the look of pure lust in her eyes....i knew she would be fucking me soon.

We got to her house and she said come on you, upstairs and get you kit off and lay on my bed so i did. i was on my back as zoe came over and i could see her drinking in my body...i was so damn horny !

She flipped me over onto my front and started to massage my back, shoulders, legs and the sides of my body and my arms.

She then told me to turn over and she started on my front with my legs....ever so gently massaging and rubbing....stroking. She then did my arms and then my shoulders. Zoe worked her magic and asked me how it was and i whispered 'heaven'. She then was stroking my sides and i let out a gentle moan to give her a signal and it worked, she got closer to my boobs each time she rubbed me. She asked if my chest ached, and i said yes, she oh well well have to sort that as well then and her hands mover across my breasts, gently rubbing and kneading them.

I let out another moan and she again said is that ok and i just whispered a gentle....yes. Zoe was now squeezing my boobs and then she rolled one of my nipples making me jump a little and again making me moan softly. She said rachel, you have great boobs they are so firm...i said well they are i just wished that they were as big as yours....she laughed and just carried on.

I was now moaning softly and my little nipples were rock hard as she played with them. I was also starting to buck my hips a little and as soon as i did zoe moved her hand lower to my tummy and then she slid her hand down the front of my thong and stroked my now dripping pussy before sliding her finger inside me. She worked her finger in and out making me scream and i begged her to take me. She pulled her finger out of me and licked my juice off it and told me to take off my thong.

I did, and then she stripped. Zoe kissed me and started to make love to me, sucking my nipples and sqeezing my boobs. I reached up and squeezed her boobs too, rolling her nipples and then sucking them. I reched down and cupped her pussy and slid my finger into her, she was soaking wet too !

After playing with each other for a while and kissing, zoe went down between my legs and started to lick me...oh my god i came and came, screaming her house down and she made me orgasm. She then sat over me and i licked her pussy...for the first time tasting another girl...it was heaven ! i licked her untill she came on my face and then she pushed her vibrator up me and fucked me with it until i came again.

I was sooo exhausted i she cuddled me for a while and we kissed and stroked each other. I said that i'd better get going as Rob would be wondering where i was and said ok rachel...just promise me that we can do that again sometime...i said to her you bet...i cant wait !

I got dressed and went home and rob was waiting for me cause we were going out. I got changed and out we went, and all night i was horny thinking of what i'd done.

Me and zoe now see each other once or twice a week and nobody knows about us...we have the most fantastic sex and she also dominates me....which i love. My sex life with rob is also even better now and im getting so much sex its great !

I hope you all enjoyed this very true story, please leave some comments for me if you like it.

Love Rachel xxx