Written by Wendy xx

3 Jul 2009

My name is Wendy i am a sales manager for a large stationary company and recently had to put on a presentation in Birmingham accompanied by our sales director Pam. The presentation was at a large hotel and an overnight stay was involved which i was really looking forward to, some time away and pampering in the health spa. Im 5foot6, short dark hair, size 12 and 34d and like to dress classy for work and Pam is 5foot8 long brown wavy hair, size 10 and quite attractive but has not made a great effort to capitalise on her looks. The presentation went really well and Pam was really pleased and asked me to join her for dinner.

I was dreading spending an evening with her as most people thought she was boring and dowdy but i thought what the hell i will be my usual self flirty and upbeat. I got ready just put a little black dress on and my shagging heels and felt pretty sexy and went down to the bar. I was first down at the bar so spent my time flirting with the barman after few minutes Pam appeared and actually looked pretty hot and i made a point of telling her she just blushed and i said the feelings mutual.

Pam asked me to join her on one of the sofas for a drink before the meal, i actually found her to be quite interesting and found myself strangely attracted to her which totally surprised me. The subject got on to sex my favourite subject, Pam said she was divorced and hadnt had sex for five years apart from a brief encounter with another woman. I just sat and looked in total amazement that she had just said that which made her embarrassed, i just held her hand and said its ok i dont have a problem with that in fact its something i have always been curious about myself.

Pam was very quiet throughout the meal but consumed a few glasses of wine which made her quite flirty which i responded to enthusiastically. After the meal we got a bottle of wine and i picked a sofa in the corner fairly secluded and not on view to everybody else. Pam joined me and sat close to me and started to stroke my hair which i really found a turn on, she asked if i minded, i told her i was fine with it and she should feel free to stroke anywhere she liked Pam blushed and let out a little girly giggle.

Pam disappeared off to the loo and when she came back she gave me a little peck and held my hand and then gave me the most amazing kiss which nearly made me cum i discreetly placed my hand on the inside of her leg and slowly probed with my fingers

until i found her soaking pussy Pam let out a little groan and said dont stop. We then went to her room where we couldnt rip each others clothes off quick enough i just pinned her to the door kissing her passionately with our tongues totally entwined.Pam dragged me on to the bed and started to bite my nipples and then started to slowly tongue my wet pussy i was groaning so loud we ended up in the sixty nine Pam was like a woman posessed and made so much noise. We both had so many orgasms throughout the night, Pam and i are now both regular lovers and one day i might even tell my husband.