Written by Darling Nikki

12 Jun 2009

I wrote back last year about my first lesbian experience when I was away Christmas shopping with my husband for the weekend, since then we have relived that night in our memories but I have yet to have the chance to experience anything similar until last weekend that was.

It was the leaving do for one of the girls in the call centre I work in, a gang of about 10 of us had decided to go out clubbing which for me was going to be the first time in a long time (i\'m 36 with 2 children and have been very happily married for 15yrs), One of the girls Kate lives in a flat only a few hundred yards away from the town centre so we all decided to go there straight from work, have a few frinks whilst getting ready and then walk into town, I drove but the plan was that I would get a taxi home and my hubbie would drop me down the following day to pick up the car.

When we got to Kate\'s flat is a general drinks fest with 9 of us from work and Kate\'s flatmate Laura, who we knew very little about but seemed a bubbly good looking girl who instantly got on with us all, after about 5 bottles of wine it was now 9pm so we all trotted off into the town centre and on the one then a second club which someone had mentioned was a known gay and lesbian club, it was at this point that the penny dropped and we all realised that Kate & Laura were\'nt flatmates but were lovers, we had all had a lot to drink a the point and it was about midnight, dancing away to Abba on the dancefloor I found myself dancing with Laura, we laughed and danced but she every time I looked I found she was keeping constant eye contact with me and I even thought she was being a little flirty with me but I just put it down to wishfull thinking, more drinks flowed and once again we were dancing and from nowhere Laura leant over and whispered in my ear that she thought I was stunning and particular my breasts (36ff) in by fairly loose low cut blouse, I blushed and said thanks, she again whispered that she had been desperate to get her hand on my boobs all night, I laughed and jokingly said whats stopping you? it was at that point whilst we were dancing on the busy dancefloor she put her right hand out and cupped by breast, frozen in the moment I felt my pussy juice up, the moment seemed to last hours and I felt the warmth of her hand on my breast which was unlike any time my husband has held me, the tenderness but more noticable the constant eye contact which melted me inside, she leant her body closer to me and whispered \"I am so hot right now, I love Kate but oh my god your breasts are stunning\" I smiled and mouthed thanks you, the song ended and feeling slighty dizzy and embarassed I made my way back to the table to have a very strong drink.

As I sat at the table Kate came over to me, sat down and leant over to me \"I knew you would be Laura\'s type\" and smiled \"Sorry\" I said, she smiled and said \"you\'ve nothing to apologise over, she\'s a born flirt and love boobs...and lets be fair, yours are stunning\" I smiled but didnt say anything else, the night continued and for the next two hours I purposely avoided eyye contact with Laura but before we knew it was 2am and kicking out time, by now there was only about 5 of us left including Laura and Kate and we had all agreed to go back to theyre flat and call for a taxi, as we walked back I walked behind them as they held hands and on more than one occasion hugged each other, it was only about 20mins and we were back at the flat, the plan was to have another drink or two then phone for a taxi, a bottle of wine was opened and within moments we were all drinking, if not a little slower than earlier in the night, I noticed not long after we got back that Kate left the room and didnt come back for a bit, I was defiantely feeling a bit worse for wear and very tired, I must have dropped off for I dont know how long, I was awoked what felt like seconds later by a text on my phone, it was hubby wondering what time I was coming home, I looked at the time and it was now 3:30am, two of the other girls where fast asleep on the sofa opposite me, Laura and Kate were nowhere to be seen, I phoned for a taxi and was told about 30mins so I went to find the girls and tell them I was off.

I walked down the corridor to the bedroom I got changed in earlier and I got to the the slightly open door I could hear voices inside, I decided to stay by the door and sneek a look inside not to disturb them and as I looked throught the crack of the door I could see Laura lying on the bed naked, she is about a size 12 with long brown hair, dead staight to her shoulders, her body was a lovely shape, not to slim but not big either, her breasts stood up and were nice round with small nipples, Kate stook over her, brushing her long blonde hair, she wore a long lace nighty which touched all the right curves of her size 10 frame, you could just about see the outline of her small but pointy breasts, they were talking and I heard Kate say \"Well if you like her so much, go and wake her up\", Laura replied with \"she is nice though, every time I looked down her top by pussy got wetter and wetter, I thought she was a bit of a boring housewife but she let me feel her up on the dancefloor so you never know she could be for turning\" and she smiled, Kate leant down and kissed her on the lips, Laura hooked her arm around her and pulled her down on the bed, Laura climbed on top of her and pressed her down onto the bed whilst they kissed passionately, I once again felt my pussy juicing up and I watched, I slipped my hand down to my pussy and held it throught the material of my trousers, it felt good as I watched the girls kissing on the bed, Laura pulled away from the kiss and as she hovered over Kate she said \"I am so horny now\" Kater answered back with \" Yes but whos pussy are you gonna be thinking about eating tonight, mine of Nikki\'s??\".

I was shocked that what was turning them on was me, I felt the heat rising in my pussy, I was desperate as I watched the girls playing on the bed to get my fingers into my own pussy, I got my phone out of my bag to check how much time I had when it slipped out of my hand, it bounced on the floor and into the bed room, the girls stopped what they were doing and looked towards the door, I leant down to pick up my phone and the door opened so the girls saw me standing there,Kate looked up and smiled and laura looked at me, she was naked and sitting on my workmate, legs astride her, breasts and nipples upright and proud, \"How long have you been there for\" she asked playfully, \"Errm, only a few moments\" I answered, \"Come over here and sit down on the bed\" Kate said, for reasons I cant explain, I just did it, no thought of what was going to happen, I walked over to the bed and sat on the edge, inches away from the two girls, \"we\'ve just been talking about you\" Laura said \"I know\" answered, \"How did it make you feel\" she asked, \"Good, esppecially as I was watching you aswell\" Laura slipped her arm around me and pulled me closer, her left hand grabbed my left breast and Kates right hand pawed at my right breast, Kates other hand started to undo the buttons on my blouse as Laura leant over and started kissing by neck, I closed my eyes as it felt so good, I stepped off the bed and slipped by blouse over my shoulders and onto the floor, Laura unhooked my bra and released my breast, standing next to the bed, Kate who was still lying down was pulling my cotton trousers down, I stepped out of them and dropped by lace knickers to the floor, now completely naked I lay on the bed next to Kate, Laura started to kiss and licked my breasts, her hands rubbing and playing with my nipples whilst Kate started to kiss my neck and face, she kissed me on the lips and just the second I felt a pair of fingers touch my outer pussy lips.

With one girl working on my breasts and the other kissing me passionately whilst expoloring my pussy with her fingers I was in heaven, I was now begining to explore theyre bodies with my hands, breasts, bums, arms legs and then pussies, all beging to become intertwined, it was moments later when Laura moved down the bed and buried her lips and her tounge into my pussy, tenderly licking and kissing around she expertly made me cum in seconds, my body wracked with orgasm as she thrusted her tongue into my pussy and Kate pushed her tongue further into my mouth with immense passions, moments later I felt Kate tense up on my fingers as she came on my hand and collpased onto top of me, little did I know that Laura has been playing with her own pussy and she also came within seconds of us, the three of us lay on the bed, naked and pleasured, Laura was still playing with my breast as my phone rang, it was the taxi firm to say they were outside, both girls said to me I could stay the night if I wanted to, I thought for a moment and made my decisions.....I pushed the red button and sent the phone to answerphone.