17 May 2019

I guess I’m similar to many, been married for a number of years, what was a varied, exciting sex life dwindled to nothing much at all after kids and mortgages. In our early 40s my wife and I were going through the motions. I still remembered the wild nights in Prague with lap dancers and watching her getting off with the touch of other women, sadly, it seemed, she did not. At 5ft 6 and training hard in the gym and running 4-5 times a week, my wife (L) is still a v sexy woman, although doesn’t believe so herself! I had a female friend from school recently comment on how attractive she thought L was. Knowing this friend has always had a tendency for the ladies, I said ‘why don’t you try it on with her?’ I was of the mind if she could spark her sexual interest again it may benefit me!! To cut a long story short, my friend (M) messaged L, they knew each other briefly due to some work we had done and M’s partner had done it, anyway M mentioned she hadn’t been out in ages and didn’t have a lot of friends in the area and asked if she would like to go out (all because I’d told M that L was meant to be out at the weekend but had been let down). L told me M had asked her to go for a drink and thought it strange, I said she was probably a bit lonely, is a nice girl and nothing wrong with more friends. They ended up going out a couple of weekends ago, M said she would keep me updated throughout the night. I was unsure anything would happen at all and thought they’d just go for a drink. M text me after the first hour telling me they’d shared a bottle of wine and she had told L how attractive she thought she was, L had demurely admitted she thought she was too! I thought nothing of it but heard nothing till midnight when M text to say they had gone to the gay/bi club in the city, had been dancing and she had kissed L, who responded with vigour! Went on to say they had gone to the toilet together where M had fingered L to orgasm!!

On L’s return, she just said she had enjoyed her night and they’d been to the local bars!!

Fast forward to last night, M said she had been messaging L over the past couple of weeks and L had been sending some v naughty photos!! M said she was coming to ours last night as I was out with friends!! I came back at around 10:30, the house was in darkness but I heard noises in the living room, I snuck up and the sight I saw will stick with me forever! M was behind L, fucking her with a huge strap on, L was moaning and begging to be fucked harder! I was torn between rushing in with my hard cock out and being in a jealous rage! In the end I snuck out after watching M fuck L till she was whimpering!!

I walked to the local and reflected on the wheels I’d set in motion. M messaged me to say she had left our house and L is such a sub slut!

When I got in L was in her dressing gown drinking tea and asked if I had , had a good night! She clearly is going to keep this secret and M has said she wants to see how far she can take her!!

Incidentally, aside from me feeling horny all the time, my sex life hasn’t improved!! What do I do from here?? Thoughts?